Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tutorial on how to apply mineral foundation!

Products used: ^__^

Face Primer = Make up Forever HD High Def. Primer (Green)

Concealer = Bobbi Brown (Warmsand)

Foundation = Bare Escentuals Original Foundation (Fair)

Mineral Veil = Bare Escentuals

I'm wearing all of these products for all of makeup tutorials ^__^
My skin is very sensitive and it breaksout whenever I apply something on my face.  Last year, I finally tried using mineral makeup (Bare Escentuals) because I heard that it doesn't break you out and it is actually good for your skin?  Until this day, I am using BE products everyday and my acne did not get worse!  The primer also doesn't break me out.  I have read spots on my check area, so this green primer helps the red areas to blend in well with my whole face. =)



  1. finally I found a person that exactly has a same problem with me... oily on the T-zone,easily breakout and sensitive. thanks for uploading this video :)
    have u tried bb cream? I want to try it but i scared that it doesn't suit me :(

    really love your blog!


  2. Hey Angel ! I am your new follower since a month and i really really love your videos & everything you post are so helpful like this video.thank you for uploading!you dont put on moisturerizing cream before foundation?I have a really oily skin&I dont know if I should moisturerize it more & I have the T-zone problem too! can you do a video on your routine face? <3

    Love Tenzin from Germany!