Tuesday, July 19, 2011

88tees ♥ Cute Japanese Shop

Hey guys! As you know, we went to Hawaii for our honeymoon couple months ago... and we found this very cuteeeeeee japanese store!  I found out that they have a website as well and they ship to the states!  Almost every tourist goes to this place (all the korean and japanese and american celebrities).  They have HUNDREDS of pictures everywhere on their walls with the lady owner and the celebrities.  That lady asked me if I was a korean celebrity.. and i was like "OH NONONO".. she's so nice hehe =).

So here is the website!  http://www.88tees.com/ 
They don't have EVERYTHING on their website tho =(
Mostly the cute Waikiki Shirts ^_^ which I LOVE!!!

They have sooo many cute accessories.. keychains.. phone chains.. i bought 3!

Here is FANNY from flytothesky =) 환희

Here is the famous korean movie star 정우성!! Jung Woo Sung

This guy is a very famous korean celebrity.. I forgot his name! AHHH
Paris Hilton and Jessica Alba and Nicole R. Was on their walls too!

We bought couple t-shirts from 88tees! hehe

He bought this shirt and the hat from there.. AND 4 other shirts! hehe

Yummy Japanese Ramen place in Hawaii ^___^

End our day with a kiss at the beach ^___^