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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hubby Tag ★ on 7/17/11

SOOOOOOOOOO I've been getting a lot of requests to do a hubby tag..
and I finally convinced him to do it hehe. 

What questions should I ask? 
Please comment or send me an email  

I will be choosing the top 10 questions for my video!!!!!!!!!!!

I will film the video on July 17, 2011
Please send all suggestions before that day.


  1. When did you guys first meet ? & what was his first impression of you (:

  2. What do you both like to do in your free time? x

  3. What you do at home when she's not at home or away fo a week? ^-^ if that never happened before, then what would you do :D

  4. When was your first kiss, and how was it?

  5. You got a stylish award from me :)

    I got another question for him:
    Describe your wife in only 1 word :D

  6. Cherry! I JUST added that onto my list "Describe your wife in 2 words" =)