Monday, July 18, 2011

My Diet & Fitness Routine

Hey guys!  I had a lot of request to do a video on my diet and fitness.  Please note that this is just the way MY body is and the way I eat =).. it's not really the 100% healthy way to eat ^__^.  So to start off, I weight 98 pounds and almost 5'6''.  I have a really hard time gaining weight.  My parents and younger brother is also very skinny.  I have a really fast motabolism as well.

My Diet :

+ can't eat alot of greasy food
+ always cook my food with olive oil .. not vegetable oil!
+ drink a lot while I eat
+ eat frequently in small portions (5-6 times daily)
+ cook a lot at home (we only eat out on weekends)
+ eat a lot of rice (more then the side dishes and meat)
+ eat a lot of snacks between my meals! (chocolate, chips, etc) =) yummy

My Fitness:

+ no running, walking
+ repetition of light weights
+ want toned arms, not bulky
+ I eat my nutrilite protein powder before I start working out SHOP
+  start off my stretching out my muscles very slowly
+ 12Ib padded weighted bar (love it!) from Dick's Sporting Goods SHOP
+ 10 times (set of 3) for each



  1. Do you mean no running or walking or dont run, walk?

  2. Thank you for the suggestion on the protein powder. I also have a hard time gaining weight but the nutrilite is slowly helping me gain. When you say no running, walking, do you only walk or you don't walk and run?

    I'm starting to walk and jog at home for safety reasons, do you think something like the stamina inmotion treadmill be good?

    Thanks again. <3