Tuesday, July 26, 2011

REVIEW: Masks and Eyelashes

Product Rating : ★★★★☆

If you guys watched my daily skincare routine video, I mentioned about these face masks that I use (the korean ones).  I usually buy them for $4-$5 at the cosmetic corner at a nearby Korean grocery store.  I found a online shopping mall "Luna Beauty" that sells these for $3 BUT they are currently on sale for $0.99!!!

We look scary so decided to blur out the picture hehe. 

Sandara Park (2ne1) with her mask "nonono don't touch my mask!"

STEPS for applying sheet masks:

1.  cleanse your face
2.  apply your face lotion
3.  apply your toner
4.  apply your acne medication
5.  apply the mask sheet on your face
6.  wait 15 minutes
7.  take off the mask (face will feel alittle moist)
8.  let it dry naturally (air dry). 
Don't wash it off because that is all the good stuff for your face!

** For cooler & fresh mask, put your mask package in the fridge for about 5 minutes, and then apply it to your face.  My husband and I always do that... feels soo cooool!


Product Rating : ★★★★★

For all of my makeup tutorials, "Darkness" Korean eyelashes are what I always use.  They are not very expensive, feels light, natural, easy to apply, soft, blends well, only have to trim alittle bit (depending on how long your eyes are), can reuse many times, comes with glue.  I bought this style few days ago to get the more "dolly" look.  It is alittle bit more harder (but still very natural) then the ones I use everyday from this same company.

It comes with TWO glues inside.  The white one seems to not work for me that well and my eyelashes come off.  The yellow glue works GREAT for me even though I only apply a small amount on the eyelashes (barely any).  It stays on ALL day, even when I cry. hehe

Here are the natural ones that I wear everyday from "darkness".  It feels so light and looks so natural, I can't even feel the eyelashes on my eyes.  I like how it is shorter in the corners and gets longer towards the end. 

Here is a comparison of the "natural everyday eyelash" and "dolly look eyelash".
I wouldn't recomment wearing the dolly one everyday because they are alittle more harder and dramatic. =) It is a great eyelash if you want to go for the "dolly look".  Overall, the darkness eyelashes are all GREAT!

These eyelashes are also sold on Luna Beauty website for sooo much cheaper!  I also buy these eyelashes from the cosmetic corner for $5 (with tax), but on this website they are selling them for $2.95 - $3.50

They have A LOT of other great korean beauty products, so you should definitely check it out!

I'm ending this post with a picture of Taeyeon from SSND.
I absolutely love her hair in this picture! (Her hair color and front braids)



  1. Hi Angel! I always see Korean face masks but Im too scared to try it! I see lots of 'em at Etude House,too. But since I have SUPER sensitive and acne prone skin, Im afraid I'd get break outs. Wont it give me ugly break outs?

  2. Ah; I usually wash my face after putting a mask on >< Now I know that its better to just let it air dry. Is it only for that brand of mask or is it for all of the brands? I use the beauty diary so i dont knowif it applied for the same thing :3

  3. I've tried the beauty diary masks 4 times but my face always looks wrinkly (random lines running across) after I remove them. I'm using a foam mask now ^_^