Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Top 3 Favorite Blushes ♥

Product Rating : ★★★★★
#1  Bare Escentuals - Beauty Loose Powder Blush

This is my MOST favorite blush ever!!!!!!!  I used this blush for about 2 years now.. this is my second one that i bought so far.  It is so highly pigmented.  I only use a tiny tiny tiny amount each time and still get a nice pink glow on my face.  This color looks pretty dark when you open it up and look at the powder, but when you apply it to your face it is beautiful~~~ natural peachy/pink blush.  I wear this blush almost everyday!  If you want it to be more noticeable and darker, you can simply just use more of the blush powder.  This product also doesn't break me out like some other blushes that I have tried.  When you use this product, you have to use the Bare Escentuals blush brush for it.  If you try using it with another brand brush, it won't really work.  I highly recommend this blush to all of you guys. ^_^

Product Rating : ★★★★★
#2  Sue Devitt - Vanuatu

A beauty advisor working at Macy's recommended this blush to me, and I LOVE it.  I told her that I'm very picky with trying out new products because my skin is very sensitive and it breaks me out.  She promised me that this blush would not break me out (she was right!).  Sue Devitt worked for Nars or something like that, and decided to make her own cosmetic brand.  Their blush is very silky/creamy/powdery... altogether, can't really explain the texture hehe.  The color I got is a light pink color, and when I apply it on my face it appears baby pink.  I love wearing this whenever I want to go for the "dolly" or "innocent" look ^__^.  The blush compact also has a tiny mirror attached to it.  This blush is smaller then it looks, it has a diameter of about 1 inch 1/2?  I use a flat foundation blush to apply this blush onto my cheeks.

Product Rating : ★★★★★
#3  Nars - Deep Throat

This color is gorgeous!! I was having such a hard time deciding between this one or the orgasm one, but I ended up buying the Deep Throat after starring at both of the blushes for about 15-20 minutes lol.  I'm so obsessed over pink/peachy colors these days!  This color is alittle darker then the Bare Escentuals one.  I like wearing this whenever I'm wearing smokey eye makeup.  This blush is also highly pigmented, doesn't break me out, and stays on all day.  It adds a natural pretty glow to my face!


*Please note that the colors that you see on the screen may differ from the actual colors due to the lighting, monitor settings, etc.

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  1. The bare escentual blush looks really nice. I just started to using the bare escentual foundation again. =) By the way, I love your new blog layout! Thanks for updating so often!

  2. awesome! I love their powder foundation! hehe <3