Sunday, August 28, 2011

NYC Haul & other Korean Cosmetics + GIVEAWAY ♥

Hey everyone!  I had such a great time in New York and bought a lot of awesome products that I wanted to share with you guys! Some of the products mentioned in this video can be purchased online.  I will be posting the links to where you can buy them.  Please note that all of the products in this video were purchased by me (or my husband)... and they are my honest/true opinions! 

Here are few screenshots from the haul video!  These are only few of the 15 products mentioned in the full video! --->  WATCH NYC HAUL VIDEO 

Product Rating : ★★★★★
Tayila - #U01 (bottom lashes) , #SF (half lashes) 

 These lashes are so cute, adorable, comfortable, great quality, and great price!  It is very soft!  I think they are lighter then the "darkness" ones that I use.  It also comes with a tiny lash glue, which works great!  The eyelash strip is also alittle bit thinner! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the bottom lashes!  They are tiny crisscrossed lashes!  It looks very natural, not too long, comfortable, and light.  I will be using these lashes for a tutorial VERY soon!

Product Rating : ★★★☆☆
The Face Shop - Nail Polish #GR502 

When I first saw this color, I fell in LOVE with it!  I think the color looks prettier when you look at it from the bottle.  It is still a very pretty copper color, but in SOME lightings it looks green at times.  After I wash the dishes/take a shower, the nail polish chips off at the tip, so you have to make sure to apply a top coating!  Overall, this nail polish color is pretty =) .. but I don't think I will repurchase this one. 

Product Rating : ★★★★★
The Face Shop - Lipstick #PK103

 AHHHH I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this lipstick!  It is a lot similar to my MAC - Speed Dial one (one of my fav lipstick), but the Mac one is a lot more hot pinky.  This one has MORE moisture to it.  It lasts for hours and hours!  After I eat, some does come off, but I don't mind reapplying it since the color is so pretty!  I have very dry chapped lips, so this lipstick is perfect for me!

Here is a swatch of the lipstick!  You can see it better on the video!

Product Rating : ★★★★★
The Face Shop - Lovely Single Eyeshadows

This eyeshadows are sooo shimmery, highly pigmented, stays on for hours!!  I purchased five different colors : black, blue, cream white, silver, green.  Please watch the video to see all of the eyeshadows & swatches!

Products Mentioned in video 

1.  The Face Shop - Princess Mirror (gold)
2.  Tayila Eyelashes - #U01 (bottom lashes) , #SF (half lashes) *GLUE IS INCLUDED*
3.  The Face Shop - Nail Polish #GR502
4. The Face Shop - Lipstick #PK103
5.  The Face Shop - Oil Control Film blotting sheets
6.  DABO - Face Masks
7.  The Face Shop - Color Nuance #WH005
8.  The Face Shop - Spot Clear Intensive Patch
9.  The Face Shop - Lovely Black Eyeshadow # BK904
10.  The Face Shop - Lovely Blue Eyeshadow # BL603
11. The Face Shop - Lovely White Cream Shadow # WH004
12.  The Face Shop - Lovely Silver Eyeshadow # PK901
13.  The Face Shop - Lovely Green Eyeshadow # GR502
14.  Jute - stick eyeshadow #01 White
15.  Enprani - #02 Shine Silver

Product Rating : ★★★★★
Ameli - Sparkle Spot Eyeshadows 

I wanted to try the Ameli eyeshadows for a very long time!  A lot of the Korean makeup artists and Korean celebrities use this brand.  The eyeshadows are HIGHLY pigmented and shimmery!  Love Love Love!

[left to right] #511 Arabian Night, #501 Champaigne, #502 Platinum

Ameli Cosmetics (sparkle spot eyeshadows)

Ameli is a Korean based online cosmetics company. Its roots date back to 1996, where they provisioned eyeshadow palettes and make up foundation solely for make up artists. Originally starting out with 3 colours of make up foundation and 15 eyeshadow colours, Ameli now boasts over 250 colours for eyeshadows. 

Vanity Box is a website that I found that sells Ameli product.  They are located in Australia.  International shipping is available!  I think it's about $9.  I recieved a card with my package and it  has a promotion code on it for 10% off (limited time).  I am not sure if it will still work.. I'm sure it is still active!  I got three sparkle spot eyeshadows: Arabian Night (purple), Champaigne (Gold), and Platinum (Silver). 

Like I have mentioned before, these eyeshadows are super pigmented and shimmery.  I only watched the colors once on the picture above.  The colors stay on my lids ALL day without creasing.  The purple shadow is great to use for your crease area or whenever you want a purple smokey eye look.  The golden shadow will be great for an all over lid color, and the silver one for your inner corners! 

Code : "MyCube

 Try entering the code when you check out and see if it works ^__^


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  5. I'm going to NYC this weekend and I loooooove Korean Cosmetics/Skincare. Are there any stores you could recommend for me to go? I'm a huge fan of Etude House and Skinfood.

    is a website where you can order Japanese products from A to Z. It's cheap, efficient, and good quality. Give it a try.