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Friday, August 19, 2011

Picture from Vlog ♥

Hey everyone!  Hope you are all having a great day!  Thank God it's Friday!!  I was looking through all the pictures that my hubby took of me during our date (vlog), and I found one that I really like! Hehe BTW I changed my youtube channel layout/colors!  Goodbye Pink~ hehe.. do you guys like the new layout? Let me know what you think!

We are going to ____________ tomorrow (secret!)... so I will have another Vlog : Trip to ___ video as soon as we get back on Monday!  Have a great weekend everyone! MuAh!


Random Pictures

Bridal Makeup


Bridesmaid Makeup



  1. The new color is also very nice. It's good to change sometimes =)
    Enjoy your weekend !
    btw, what is the camera your husband used to take the picture?
    It's a very pretty picture, I mean you are very pretty ! ;)

  2. hehe thank yoU!!!! canon 50d mark II

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  4. Unni~ do a tutorial on the bridesmaid makeup (pic above) its pretty! also a apartment/room/house tour soon yeahh? (= btw i erased the comment before me, didn't realize I was logged on with my old account.

  5. I will be doing a bridesmaid makeup sooN! And I already have like 3 house tour videos out on my youtube channel