Saturday, September 10, 2011

Francescas Collections - ♥ Wish List

Have you guys heard of Francescas Collections?  They have sooo many cute things : clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, etc.  I've never heard of this shop before, but saw it for the first time yesterday at the mall.  My current "WISH LIST" from this shop hehe

 OMG this hot pink cross-body purse is soooo cute!  I love the quilted texture and the silver chain link shoulder strap!  It kind of reminds me of the Chanel Wallet on a Chain!  This cute purse is only $34!

 Isn't this boot sooo cute!?  I love the color, the texture (suede material), and the buckles!  This will look so cute with skirts, shorts, and leggings!  It's only $48!!

This bright blue color is so pretty!  It looks great with the black top and the black boots!  LOVE the golden buttons on the side.  This outfit will look great with gold jewelry! 



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