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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Peripera Korean Cosmetics Review 페리페라 리뷰

Hey everyone! Today's video is a 페리페라 Peripera Korean Cosmetics Review! Peripera is a Korean cosmetic brand, well known because of the Wondergirls and 소이현! It's my first time trying Peripera products.. and I love them SOOO much!  I was very impressed with these peripera cosmetics… very great quality for a great price!  I will be ordering more products in the future.  They have a whole bunch of other products like bb creams, eyeliners, etc.

Here are the three things that I reviewed on!

1.  Rose Nail Polish in Mod Green (Limited Edition)

2.  #9 Peach Pink Eyeshadow

3.  #15 Apricot Pink Lipstick



Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!! ^___^