Tuesday, November 29, 2011

OOTD 11/29/2011 ♥

Here is my outfit of the day!  I finally wore my new combat boots today... absolutely LOVE them........... very comfortable! (shopping @ TJ MAX)

Hairband - Target
Cardigan - GAP
Dress - Banana Republic
Bag - Prada
Shoes - Madden Girl from Journeys (black combat boots)
Socks - forever 21

Monday, November 28, 2011

Black Friday Haul ♥

Hope all of you guys had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!  My hubby and I drove 2-3 hours to this one premium outlet store and got there at 2:30 am.... traffic and parking was HORRIBLE!  There were SOOOOO many sales going on each store... 30%-50% OFF, buy 1 get 1 free, etc!  I wanted to show you guys all the things that I bought on Black Friday 2011!

I Shopping

Sweater Dress from ARDEN B - The original price was $59.95, but it was on sale for $29.99! YAYYYYYYYYYY hehehe!  I can't wait until I wear this dress with my tall brown boots!

Sweater Knit Dress from ARDEN B - The original price of this dress was $59.99 too, but I got it on sale for $29.99!  I love this dress!  It is very thick and warm!  I wore this dress yesterday with black leggings and tall black leather boots.... loved the outfit!   (Great for the winter!)

Victoria Secret Long Black Leggings -  These are 2 for $26... but I didn't need two so I only bought one for $17.00~! They gave me a free pink doll!!! You recieve a free doll with any "PINK" purchases!

BEBE (2B) Black Tracksuit - The originaly price for each (top & bottom) is $59.95, but I got them on sale for $35.99 each! I'm obsesssssssssssed with black tracksuits.. I have about 4 pairs!  My favorite one use to be my black juicy one..... but now it's THIS one!!!!  The texture is velvet material JUST like my juicy one!

Madden Girl Black Combat Boots - There was no sale on these pair of boots... but it was still a very good price!!! It was $49.99 with no tax because MA doesn't have sales tax on shoes that are under $150.00 (somewhere around there).  I really wanted a pair of boots like these, but all the ones that I found were over $100!  I'm sooooo happy that I found these at Journeys! (It was the very last pair too!)




Friday, November 25, 2011

BH Cosmetics Palette Giveaway Winner ♥

The winner for this giveaway is..........

SuBelleza (youtube)

I had so much fun reading all of your comments!  We are all thankful for a lot of the same things: family.. friends.. boyfriend/husband.. life...youtube...GOD.. hehe ♥

I will do another giveaway for you guys SOON!
Hope all of you guys had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!!!


Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Hair Care Routine ♥ 헤어케어

Hello everyone!  I've been getting A LOT of requests and e-mails about what shampoo/conditioner/products I use for my hair... and a lot of requests for a hair care routine!  The products that I use may or may not work for your hair because we all do have different hair types.  These products are my personal FAVORITES and works the best for my hair =)

Products Mentioned:

1.  Red Conair Ceramic Hair Dryer
2.  Solano Flat Iron (Ceramic, 1 in)
3.  Pantene Pro-V Dry to Moisturized Shampoo
4.  Pantene Pro-V Dry to Moisturized Conditioner (Med to Thick)
5.  Pantene Pro-V Beautiful Lengths Replenishing Mask (purple)
6.  Redken Blown Away 09 Protective Blow Dry Gel
7.  Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Leave-in Treatment


The winner for the BH Cosmetics Palette will be posted here tomorrow!!! ♥

Hope all of you guys have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving! ♥ MuAh~



Monday, November 21, 2011

Hubby Making Korean Food ♥ 요리하는 우리 남편

Hello everyone!!!!!!!!!! We have another cooking video for you guys today!  He decided to make some Korean dishes this time (highly requested)!  Cheese Lapoki and Fried Chicken Potato Roll!   Dukbokki is a very famous Korean Dish (round rice cake with hot pepper bean paste sauce).  A lot of Koreans add raymen noodles and cheese into their dukbokki too.  If you don't like cheese you can skip that part! 

How it got its name:

dukbokki - rice cake in hot pepper bean paste sauce
Koreans pronounce Ramen noodles  "La Myun"
Cheese -  add this if you like cheese
Cheese LaPoki 치즈 라볶이 (La myun & dukbokki combined together! )

Cheese LaPoki

1.  rice cake rounds
2.  scallions
3.  1 onion
4.  radish
5.  fish cake
6.  grinded garlic
7.  hot pepper bean paste sauce
8.  sugar
9.  corn syrup
10.  mozzarella cheese
11.  Shin Ramyun

The other dish that he decided to make is Fried Chicken Potato Roll
(in Korean it's called gamja cheese gatsu) 감자 치즈 까스 ♥

Fried Chicken Potato Roll

1.  2 chicken breast
2. 1 egg
3.  1 red & 1 green bell pepper
4.  black pepper
5.  salt
6.  bread crumbs
7.  1 red potato
8.  mozzarella cheese
9.  ketchup
10.  pork cutlet sauce

Hope you guys enjoyed this video!  You should try making this at home too... it's VERY good!
We will film more cooking videos for you guys soon! Love yall! ♥

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Updated Skin Care Routine ♥ 스킨케어

Hello everyone! I decided to film an Updated Skin Care Routine video for you guys today.  There has been some changes in my "Daily Skin Care Routine" that I filmed back in May 2011. 


Products Mentioned :

1.  Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes
2.  Loreal Eye Makeup Remover
3.  Clean & Clear Advantage 3-in-1 Foaming Acne Wash
4.  Biore Triple Action Astringent
5.  Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture (Sensitive Skin)
6.  Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment
7.  Estee Lauder Time Zone Anti-Line/Wrinkle Eye Cream
8.  Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub
9.  Biore Nose/Face Strips
10.  DABO Face Mask (Korean) http://www.lunabeauty.com


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Beautiful Iris Eye Makeup Tutorial ♥ 보라색 눈화장

Hello everyone!  It's been awhile since I did a makeup tutorial.. so I decided to do one today!  The look for today is a pretty PURPLE eye makeup. 

Beautiful Iris

Products Used :

1.  Cover Girl Perfect Blend Eye Pencil Crayon "Basic Black"
2.  Urban Decay Primer Potion
3.  NYX Cottage Cheese Jumbo Eye Pencil
4.  MAC "Beautiful Iris" Eyeshadow
5.  MAC "Scene" Eyeshadow
6.  MAC - Blacktrack Fluidline
7.  Estee Lauder "Softsmudge Black"
8.  Urban Decay Naked Palette - "Creep" eyeshadow
9.  Rimmel Glam'Eyes Mascara "Extreme Black"
10.  MAC "Speed Dial" lipstick

(MAC "Scene" , MAC "Beautiful Iris")

 I love using this eye pencil from Cover Girl to draw in my brows!  It glides on very easily!

AHHHHH absolutely LOVEEEEEEEEE this Speed Dial lipstick from MAC... one of my FAVORITE! This is the 2nd one that I bought~ hehe


Monday, November 14, 2011

Shoes for Winter ♥

Winter is coming up.......... so that means I need to go shopping for some winter shoes!  I was browsing through a lot of websites just now and found some shoes that I want to buy! ♥ L O V E ~!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aldo "MAYTORENA" - $80.00

ALDO "ORLENA" - $110.00

Enzo Angiolini - 'Saylem' Riding Boot $149.95

UGG Australia 'Classic Tall Bomber' Boot  $199.95

I want all of these!!!!!!!! I don't know which one to buy first....... hmmmmmmmmmmmm -_-

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hubby Cooking Dinner VLOG ♥ 요리하는 우리 남편

Hey everyone!  I've been getting A LOTTTTTTTT of requests to make a cooking video... so I decided to film my husband while he was cooking dinner today!  He made soba noodles & fried shrimp creamcheese wontons!  My favoriteeeeeeeeee!  It's very quick and easy!  Hope you guys enjoy it! ♥

Soba Noodles :

1.  Japanese Buckwheat Noodles
2.  Soba Soup Base
3.  Scallions
4.  Radish
5.  seaweed
6.  wasabi

Fried Shrimp/Creamcheese Wontons :

1.  1/2  pound of shrimp
2.  creamcheese
3.  wonton skins
4.  Grinded Onions
5.  Oregano & Thyme

Spicy Mayo Sauce - Dip for Wontons :

1.  mayonnaise
2.  sriracha sauce

Can you tell he LOVES Abercrombie? lol ^__^


Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Pepero Day~!!! ♥ 빼빼로 데이

Happy Pepero Day everyone!!!!!!!!!  11/11/11 AND Happy Veterans Day!!!!

Koreans celebrate Pepero Day on November 11 every year!  They buy pepero/pocky or even make pepero for those they love. ^__^ 

New Vlog - Come with me as I run to the grocery store to buy some pepero for my hubby! hehe

H-mart didn't sell the original korean pepero.. so I had to buy the Pocky instead =(
Here is a picture of how the original pepero box looks like!

For my hubby


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

BH Cosmetics Palettes Review ♥ 팔레트 리뷰

Hello everyone!  I decided to do a quick review on my 3 new eyeshadow palettes that I got from BH Cosmetics! 
I got three 88 color palettes :  Tropical Shimmer, Cool Shimmer, and Color Matte.  
Overall, I was very impressed with all of these palettes!  They are highly pigmented, good quality, and affordable.  You have to use an eye primer when using these shadows so that it will stay on longer without creasing.  The primer will also help make the colors to stand out more.  Majority of the colors shows up well when you apply it to your lids, but only a FEW of the colors are hard to see.  The lighter shades like the light yellow and light green will have to be applied a couple of times so that you can build up the color.


LOVE the packaging!!  It comes in a shiny black palette.  There are 88 different colors in each palette (about a dime size for each color) and it has a mirror on the other side with two sponge tip applicators. 

88 Color Matte Palette

88 Color Tropical Shimmer Palette

88 Color Cool Shimmer Palette

The last time I checked on their website, there was a HUGE sale going on!
37% OFF on all 88 Palettes