Monday, November 28, 2011

Black Friday Haul ♥

Hope all of you guys had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!  My hubby and I drove 2-3 hours to this one premium outlet store and got there at 2:30 am.... traffic and parking was HORRIBLE!  There were SOOOOO many sales going on each store... 30%-50% OFF, buy 1 get 1 free, etc!  I wanted to show you guys all the things that I bought on Black Friday 2011!

I Shopping

Sweater Dress from ARDEN B - The original price was $59.95, but it was on sale for $29.99! YAYYYYYYYYYY hehehe!  I can't wait until I wear this dress with my tall brown boots!

Sweater Knit Dress from ARDEN B - The original price of this dress was $59.99 too, but I got it on sale for $29.99!  I love this dress!  It is very thick and warm!  I wore this dress yesterday with black leggings and tall black leather boots.... loved the outfit!   (Great for the winter!)

Victoria Secret Long Black Leggings -  These are 2 for $26... but I didn't need two so I only bought one for $17.00~! They gave me a free pink doll!!! You recieve a free doll with any "PINK" purchases!

BEBE (2B) Black Tracksuit - The originaly price for each (top & bottom) is $59.95, but I got them on sale for $35.99 each! I'm obsesssssssssssed with black tracksuits.. I have about 4 pairs!  My favorite one use to be my black juicy one..... but now it's THIS one!!!!  The texture is velvet material JUST like my juicy one!

Madden Girl Black Combat Boots - There was no sale on these pair of boots... but it was still a very good price!!! It was $49.99 with no tax because MA doesn't have sales tax on shoes that are under $150.00 (somewhere around there).  I really wanted a pair of boots like these, but all the ones that I found were over $100!  I'm sooooo happy that I found these at Journeys! (It was the very last pair too!)





  1. wow i like that white knit dress.. cool <3

  2. Wah, I love all the things you bought! Boots are so cute :) The first photo is so cuuuuute, hehe <3

  3. wow it looks like you made out quite well :) enjoy your new purchases. btw, have you done a house tour video? your apartment/house? looks so beautiful, i would think your readers would really enjoy a video tour or photo tour!

    <3 rae

  4. your hair is so cute in the video :] i also like the sweaters you got!

  5. thanks you guys! and RAE~ I already have a house tour video on my channel hehehe thank yoU~!