Monday, November 21, 2011

Hubby Making Korean Food ♥ 요리하는 우리 남편

Hello everyone!!!!!!!!!! We have another cooking video for you guys today!  He decided to make some Korean dishes this time (highly requested)!  Cheese Lapoki and Fried Chicken Potato Roll!   Dukbokki is a very famous Korean Dish (round rice cake with hot pepper bean paste sauce).  A lot of Koreans add raymen noodles and cheese into their dukbokki too.  If you don't like cheese you can skip that part! 

How it got its name:

dukbokki - rice cake in hot pepper bean paste sauce
Koreans pronounce Ramen noodles  "La Myun"
Cheese -  add this if you like cheese
Cheese LaPoki 치즈 라볶이 (La myun & dukbokki combined together! )

Cheese LaPoki

1.  rice cake rounds
2.  scallions
3.  1 onion
4.  radish
5.  fish cake
6.  grinded garlic
7.  hot pepper bean paste sauce
8.  sugar
9.  corn syrup
10.  mozzarella cheese
11.  Shin Ramyun

The other dish that he decided to make is Fried Chicken Potato Roll
(in Korean it's called gamja cheese gatsu) 감자 치즈 까스 ♥

Fried Chicken Potato Roll

1.  2 chicken breast
2. 1 egg
3.  1 red & 1 green bell pepper
4.  black pepper
5.  salt
6.  bread crumbs
7.  1 red potato
8.  mozzarella cheese
9.  ketchup
10.  pork cutlet sauce

Hope you guys enjoyed this video!  You should try making this at home too... it's VERY good!
We will film more cooking videos for you guys soon! Love yall! ♥


  1. the tteokbokki looks soooo good! ! ! ahhh...i really miss korean foods now. maybe i should try to make it from this video lol

  2. 아ㅏㅏ 진짜 맛있겠다 *3*
    Guy who cooks look real awesome :D
    I really love how he did everything so neatly and nice :D

    I would love to see 언니 cook next XD

  3. Mmmmm looks so delicious! Love your cooking vlogs. :)

  4. 대박 짱 ������
    왕부럽 ㅜ.ㅜ

  5. Yumyum!!! i want to have these husband too~~~~TT envy~~~cook husbandㅋㅋ

  6. Made the dukbokki last night. Looks just like yours but tasted very starchy. I wonder what I did wrong. I don't remember it tasting like that when I go out and eat. :(