Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Favorite Nail Polish for Winter & Holiday Giveaway ♥


I just uploaded my "Favorite Nail Polish Shades for Winter & Holiday Giveaway" video on my youtube channel!  In this video, I showed my top five favorite nail polish shades that I love to wear for the holidays/winter time.
 I LOVEEE Reds & Golds!

  (from left to right)

1.  SinfulColors #814 "Forget Now" (@ WALGREENS)
2.  Sinful Colors #921 "All About You" (@ WALGREENS)
3.  Pure Ice "All Nighter" SHOP ♥
4.  Peripera "GR309" Rose Nail Polish in Mod Green SHOP ♥
5.  SinfulColors #852 "Gogo Girl" (@ WALGREENS)



In this video, I wore my "GEO MAGIC BLACK" circle lenses from!  The brown freshlooks colorblend that I always wear ripped (it was my last pair).. so I just ordered some more online. I will be wearing these circle lenses until my freshlooks arrive! 

Overall : ★★★★★

meter : 14.0mm
Base curve : 8.6mm
Center thickness : 0.04mm
Water content : 38%
Lasts up to 1 year after opening

The size of these lenses are 14.0mm...which is a perfect size for my eyes.  I think lenses that are bigger than 14mm looks scary and too fake.  I'm not a HUGE fan of circle lenses... the only time I would wear it is for special occasions or for certain looks (like japanese gyaru, dolly makeup, etc) because they are not as comfortable as my freshlooks daily contacts that I've been wearing for over ten years.  I was very impressed with how comfortable these lenses are.  I wore it for amost 7 hours today and it did not dry out my eyes at all.  These contacts also have my prescription so I can so sooo clearly =).

"GEO MAGIC BLACK" is a black circle lens that makes your eyes look bigger.  It is slightly bigger than my pupils which makes it look very natural.  When Aiden came home today and saw me with these contacts on.. the first thing he said was, "You look different.  You look like that cute cat from Shrek!"  -_- lol Sooo I guess these contacts make me look like a cat? hehe 

 It comes with a contact case~! Love the pink! hehe




+ international
+ under 18 needs parent permission
+ one winner
+ can only enter once
+ winner will be selected randomly

START : December 22, 2011
ENDS : December 25, 2011 (10:00 pm)

The winner will be announced on my twitter & blog on Christmas @ 11:30 pm


Thank You! Happy Holidays!!!



  1. Awww... so nice the gold one. i wish i wish :p
    btw entering ur youtube giveaway already. ^^

  2. Hi! I've been a silent reader so far and love all your tutorials! Where can we buy the freshlooks contacts?

  3. Hi! Silent reader here (: i just wanted to say you are absolutely gorgeous! My sister introduced your youtube channel to me and i subscribed to that and now i'm following you on your blog! would i be able to enter the giveaway please? :D

  4. Hi! Thank you for the giveaway! Merry christmas!

  5. Thanks for the giveaway!!
    rjs682 at yahoo dot com

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    Thanks for the having the giveaway! I hope you have a Merry Christmas
    tmc480 at yahoo dot com

  7. hi :) which website do you order your freshlook contacts from? thx unni :)

  8. Thank you for the giveaway :]
    Merry Christmas Eve!

  9. The gold nail polish looks amazing!

  10. You're so pretty! I love that gold nail polish, so Christmasy!

  11. I don't have an account on youtube :_(

  12. Angel,

    I wanted to know if you tried those Acuvue Define lenses yet? how are they?


  13. Hi! love ur makeup look in the tutorial! can u do a makeup tutorial? thanks!

    keep up the good work!!!