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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Japanese Hair Products Review ♥

Here is a quick review on some Japanese hair products that I purhased when I was at New Jersey at the Japanese Supermarket (Mitsuwa).  My friend that is a hair stylist recommended these products for me and I absolutely LOVE them.. especially the extra treatment!  I checked on amazon to see if they sell these online, and they do!  I will list the links down below! ♥


1.  Shiseido Moist Hair Pack Conditioner - 600ml Bottle SHOP ♥
*Here is a 450ml REFILL - SHOP ♥

2. Shiseido Extra Pack/Treatment - 220g SHOP ♥

Here is the nail polish that I had on in my recent video!  I bought it from walgreens $1.99~  Sinful Colors "Beautiful Girl"



  1. I love the polish!~ Probably bc I love pink xD there isn't walgreens in my city :(

  2. aww =( i saw them at a few bed bath & beyond! do you have that where you live?

  3. angel, can I do comment in ur blog instead of under the video? As I don't have an youtube channel/account

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