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Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Eve @ New York ♥

Aiden and I had soooo much fun on New Years Eve.. thanks to our friends!  We had an awesome time at New York & New Jersey!  Hope all of you guys had an AWESOME time too~!  Time square was wayyyy too crowded, so we ended up partyin' at a Korean bar =)  Here are some pictures~ Enjoy!

 passing the bridge =)

 WHITE CASTLE! yummy~!

 I want some more~~! =(

 Me & Aiden ♥

 The biggest shell that I've ever seen!

 Party time~!


Count down~ 2 min 4 seconds left!

 New Years morning =) Time for breakfast!

 Yummy Duk Gook! Koreans eat Duk Gook on New Years =) (Rice Cake Soup)

 Yam Yam Chicken for lunch! It was sooo good!

Goodbye New York~ we will be back soon! ♥


  1. Wow!! this pics are awesome :).

  2. nice place!!!
    omg...u really like sandara park in this pic:


  3. Have you been told you look like Park Han Byul?

  4. Happy New Year!
    NIce pictures, whats the bar's name? I like the venue.

  5. i would really like to have the chance to go to NYC one day! hopefully this year hehe...

  6. Duk gook! I ever eat it once years ago and it was soooo delicious. My korean ex-boyfie said that korean ate the beef broth with pieces of scrambled eggs and rice crackers at the new year's eve so they won't grow old or looks older :)


  7. Oh my gosh... were you at Shik Gaek in Flushing for NYE?? I was there that night too hahaha I was browsing through your pictures and noticed your pictures looked VERYYY similar... :)