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Thursday, February 23, 2012

H&M Haul ♥

Hey everyone~!  I bought a couple of cute things from H&M two weeks ago that I wanted to share with you guys!  They usually carry their items in stores for a very long time.  I saw things that I bought 4 months ago still at the stores when i went 2 weeks ago.  Hopefully the items I showed you guys today will still be in stores for you guys!

Products Mentioned :

1.  H&M Glittery Black Silver - size US6 ♥ $29.95
2.  H&M Plain White Top - size US6 ♥ $6.95
3.  H&M Black Shirt - size 6 ♥ $24.95
4.  H&M Black Bracelete - one size ♥ $4.95
5.  Nordstrom Rack Cubic Stud Earrings (Sterling Silver) - ♥  $6.95

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  1. that's so funny, i have the same glittery black top and skirt that i got months ago from h&m @ ________ @ . . afsgfsghs
    anyway, lovely as always ' u ' ♥

  2. Love your blog and your video!
    you can view my blog too...very welcome U!

  3. As an employee of H&M it's always nice to see a happy customer :D