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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Wedding Dress ♥

Hey everyone! Yesterday was our 1 year wedding anniversary!!!!!!  I thought it would be a good idea to show you guys my wedding dress!  I was really excited about filming this video because I haven't seen my wedding dress since the wedding day~ so many great memories!  I was not able to wear the dress in this video because I need a lot of help putting on this dress since it is hugeeee and it has a lace-up closure =)

Dress :  Maggie Sottero "SaBelle" Design in Diamond White

I bought this dress for $1250 (They had to order this for me because they didn't have my size in stock).  A month after my wedding, I went dress shopping with a friend for her wedding and I saw my exact same dress on sale for $950~! (I forgot which bridal store it was)

Place I bought the dress ♥ -  Bridal Boutique Shop

Tiara  - "Aire Barcelona"  (I also bought it from Bridal Boutique)

Shoes - ALDO $69.99 (bow & botton from Joann's)


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  1. Love to watch you wedding dress video. The wedding dress is so pretty...!!All the best for both of you and happy 1st anniversary!!

  2. Loved your video! Your wedding dress was/is beautiful.
    Hope you two had a lovely Anniversary, Congrats and wish the both of you many more.

    I have a quick question, How did you create your "Subscribe" box for YouTube?
    Could you please let me know, I would greatly apprecite it!


  3. Happy belated ist year wedding anniversary to both of you... :-) have a good day

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  5. You guys are so cute! And I love the long trail of your wedding dress! Have you visited some stores of wedding dresses long island in New York?

  6. Your wedding dress so pretty love to it. I like this type of long wedding dresses.
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