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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Baby Haul ♥

Hey everyone!  I decided to film a "Baby Haul" video of all the things Aiden and I bought this week for the baby!  We bought most of the items shown in this video at Babies R Us.  It took us weeks and weeks looking through websites and visiting baby stores to find a theme that we liked!  I'm glad we finally found one that we both liked!  I'm not a huge fan of "blue" color, so we decided to go for a neutral theme : white/cream/beige (Mamas & Papas).  Of course we will have other colorful things around his crib like wall decorations and different colored teddy bears.  The white crib and dresser set that we ordered will arrive around May 30th, so as soon as the crib arrives I will tour you around our new place and our crib setup!  I'm sooo glad I have a HUGE family so that I can get hand-me-downs~!  Like I've mentioned in the video, the shoes and stack of clothes were clothes that my nephews wore longgg time ago!  It still looks like brand new.. with no stains at all!  I think it's nice to get hand-me-downs from family members since babies grow SOOOO fast!  Anyways.... I can't believe it's already Friday tomorrow!!!! Talk to you guys later!! Bye!


  1. Aw:')I was going through the blog dashboard when I saw this and had to click on it right away. I can't wait til the baby is born!

  2. so cute btw i really love your new header it's so cute and the mini blackboard you and aides are holding on the sidebar. wow i do not know how to use blogger, i am electronically dumb

  3. I just love to watch your videos!
    You two are like the happiest parents on the earth!
    I hope everything's gonna be alright with you 2 + baby ofc :)

  4. Aiden is so excited ^^ cute daddy

  5. Love this video! Hand-me-down stuff save you money ^^

  6. aww these are sooo cute! my sister just gave birth a month ago. I should show her this video. She might have an idea on how to set up her baby stuff.

    good luck to you soon-to-be parents! keep healthy! :)

  7. Aww everything is so adorable!!
    You and Aiden are so cute together!
    I beat you guys will be good parents :D

  8. phew, was not the only one that asked u to get a PO box, or else wld sound like a stalker.
    btw, i made hoddeok ( cause i was craving korean food soooo bad. What do u think?? :P

    Take care <3

  9. monkeybear<3! lol
    Rawrs, Evey