Saturday, May 5, 2012

Honeymoon Pictures (Hawaii March 2011)

Hey everyone!  I was looking through all my old pictures and I found the folder with all of our honeymoon pictures in it.  I've posted only a few on my blog in the past... so I decided to share ALL of it with you guys!  I know it's been over a year since we took these pictures~ but it's still fun to look back and remember all the great memories we had in Hawaii!  I wanted to share it with yall! Enjoy~!!!! (THIS POST IS PHOTO HEAVY)

 Landed at Hawaii~ waiting for our baggage

 This place was delicious!

 Beautiful Scenery!

 Couple shot hehe ^^

 at the car rental~ we choose a white car!

 weather felt so nice this day~

 in front of Cheesecake Factory for dinner

Ahhh he grabbed my head hehe

 he poked me~ hehehe

 yummy~ at some Japanese Burger place

 Pretty palm trees on the side of the streets~ so pretty

 beautiful beach on the side of the highway hehehe

 we were hungry so we bought a hotdog from a hotdog stand in the middle of the road!

 JUMP! I believe I can fly~~ hehe

we were 10,023 feet high~! (mountain)

 Aiden doing the same pose as me hehe

 We got to watch the sunrise at 5:00 am from the top of the clouds~

There were so much clouds below us~ it was freezing!

My handsome hubby hehe

Looking at the menu to choose what to eat.. it was so hard! so many good things~

Ocean right outside the window hehe

 We watched fireworks from the patio of our hotel room~

Sunset~ beautiful

Aiden walking in the sand

AHhhhh I want to go back~!

Watching the sunset <3

The prettiest Bay I've EVER seen

always have my blotting sheets with me! hehe

view from our hotel room!

 Shopping time~~~!

People were breakdancin' outside.. it was awesome!

Starbucks menu had Korean & Japanese words on it!

We ate at a YUMMY Japanese Ramen place

Aiden eattin' away hehe

It was so good~! *Slurp*

oh yeah~ you like my hello kitty beach towel? hehe

Playing out on the beach~!

Aiden~ don't go out too far~ it's dangerous! =(

Sand felt so good!

hehe <3



happy happy joy joy~

so many people~!

@ a Japanese Breakfast house ~ yummy!

best shrimp truck in Hawaii~! It was soo good!

omg I was sooo obsessed with these!

our midnight snack at the hotel hehehe


everything was so perfect this day~!

Heart~ I love you

at the Hotel lobby



In the tour bus hehe

walking back

at the DOLE plantation hehe

Well.. that's all~! Hope you guys enjoyed it! hehe Have a great weekend!



  1. i wanna go to hawaii too > <
    these photos are amazing!!

  2. Lovely photo's of both of you and the view so pretty...

  3. AHH you guys are so cute! i love you guys! you guys make such a great couple i think the baby will be SOO wonderful like you guys~! good luck!! <3 ^^ 완전 짱!!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ ^^ 짱짱짱!! 파이팅!! ^^

  4. awwwwwwwwww♥
    저두 언젠간 언니처럼 이뻐지고
    오빠처럼 착하고 멋진 남자친구
    만나서 알콩달콩 살고싶어요 ♥♥♥

  5. you guys are like an ulzzang couple. so cute together. i like the pineapple pic, i laughed out loud.

  6. awww a honeymoon in hawaii sounds so romantic <3 looks like you guys had a great time! So jealous. You ate a ton of nice food and the scenery's so beautiful *o*

  7. This makes me miss home so so much!!! super cute pictures. I wanna fly home right now!!! <3

  8. You guys are such an adorable couple :D wish i could be as 행복 as you one day >3<"
    stay sweet n healthy :DDD

  9. dang you guys are 완전 연예인 style~~~ i wish i can go to hawaii soon! thanks for all the lovely photos!

  10. Kyaaaa~~~you guys are the cutest couple everr!!! All these pictures are sooo adorable! Thanks for sharingg!!

  11. hey, I love both of you so much! you're a really sweet and romantic couple!

  12. !! u guys look so happy :) !!!!

  13. these pictures are amazingggg!!!! wish u both all the're so sweet together it makes me smileee hehe

    Laura x

  14. You are so cute together :D !! Really beautiful pictures :)

  15. thanks for sharing

    kisses from germany

  16. awww thanks for sharing your honeymoon photos. you guys are such a lovely looking couple. :)

  17. you guys are so cute:)Wishing y'all the best of the best and thank-you for sharing these photos with your fans.

  18. I'm so jealous that you can eat all of that and stay so skinny and pretty xD You guys are so cute together, congratulations of your baby!

  19. You guys are adorable. Hope the pregnancy days are going good for you :).

  20. You two are such a cute & sweet couple. Seeing you two actually makes me want to be in a relationship someday.. which is a miracle bc I've never been interested in being in one! But you two actually makes me hope that something happy like this will come my way one day. You two are such perfect couple! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Love your blog! I've nominated you The Versatile Blogger Award.. <3

  22. you two are so photogenic!! :)

  23. OMG It must be just magical being in Hawaii for a honeymoon! :)
    I love you photos!
    Take a look at my blog if you want ^^

  24. hee i love the last photo so cute and the sunrise one

  25. lovely photos~ really cute couple ^^

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  27. both of u are so sweet.I hope u will get a healthier baby boy soon.and Im proud to say that I was born in September and I wish ur baby will born in september too.

  28. very beautiful place and pictures.
    Nice to see sweet and pretty couple like you.

  29. seeing your photos makes me unable wait for my honeymoon!! btw you have such a great figure ;)

  30. you guys look like you belong in a korean drama <3

  31. these pictures are too cute! i swear, it's like i'm watching a romantic K-drama! :D

  32. The place is so beautiful, the food seems delicious and you guys are so cute together!

  33. i live on Maui, Hawaii :)
    yes it is beautiful , you guys are cute together <3

  34. You guys went to Oahu last year? Ahh, hope you guys come again! I live here that's why. (: Lovely photos of you guys & the scenery! ^^ Oh, and the burger place is called "Teddy's Bigger Burgers". It was actually started here in Hawaii. I work in the Hawaii Kai location so if you come by again do visit. :D

  35. If I started watching your videos a year ago i could've given you a personal tour of hawaii haha (i live in oahu) ^^

  36. You guys are so lovely and beautiful couple that I have been seen. Love your videos so much. Your videos so helpful and give so much inspire to me. Thanks Angel unnie. :) Hope you guys happy with little Aiden. Love from Malaysia. :D