Monday, July 16, 2012

VLOG & Hubby Making 삼계탕 (Sam Gye Tang)

Hey everyone!! It's been a very long time since I've uploaded a video!  I was sick for over a week because I caught a cold from Aiden =(.... I am feeling a lot better now!  Since I was sick, hubby decided to make 삼계탕 sam gye tang for dinner (Ginseng Chicken Soup).  It is a very popular Korean soup.  You can find it at a lot of Korean restuarants.  The soup gives energy and good for colds!  Hope you guys enjoy!  (fwi : we didn't include the ginseng in the soup because we were told that ginseng isn't good for pregnant You can include the ginseng in your soup if you want! hehe)

hehe~ 29 weeks! 11 weeks left to go~~~~! ♥



  1. You two are soo cuute in the video! You're so fortunate! The tying legs were cool! Now I know how to tie chicken legs haha!

  2. Looks yummy!!

    But just a word of caution - washing the chicken might spread salmonella and e coli onto your counter top and sink. A natural, completely safe way to get rid of pathogens and leave your kitchen squeaky clean is to first spray 3% hydrogen peroxide onto the surface and follow it immediately with a spray of diluted white vinegar. Wait maybe 10 seconds and then wipe the counter/sink. You can disinfect produce the same way and then wash them off with water (not that the mixture is harmful but it tastes kinda nasty). And a quick way to disinfect meat is to rinse it with vinegar, lemon juice, or hydrogen peroxide :)

  3. Aww I loved your selca ´u` ♥ You two are so cute together~

  4. Hi Angel !
    I've decided to follow you on your channel and your blog.
    Un bonjour de France,

  5. you are such a cute pregnant lady :) heehee, great blog! it's so cute!