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Friday, August 31, 2012

Pregnancy Questions ♥

1.  When are you due? - I'm due on September 30, 2012~! Four weeks left to go!  My mom has a feeling that he is going to come out 1or 2 weeks earlier tho! Hehe

2.  Can different emotions from a mother affect the baby inside in any way?  - YES of course!  When you're pregnant you should only think happy thoughts! Being nervous or stressed is reallllllly harmful to the baby and stresses them out too.
3.  Exercise for pregnant women? -  I was told by my doctor to do Kegel pelvic exercises daily and also to atleast walk 15 minutes!  This will help your labor/delivery to be easier.

4.  Will you be doing natural birth OR C section? -  natural birth =)

5.  Does your baby move a lot? - Oh yes~!  When he was smaller and there was more room in my stomach, he use to move around A LOT and kicked/punched all the time.  Now that he is so big and takes up my whole stomach, he has less room to move around and stretch.  I feel him whenever he is moving positions and turning. His butt, elbows, knees are always bulging out from different parts of my belly too! Soo weird~  hehe.  They say that an active baby is a healthy baby!
6.  What do you eat the most? - I actually eat everything!  I guess rice... since I eat that everyday hehe

7.  Does your feet get swollen? - My feet/body/hands/face started to swell up from last week.   I never swelled up until recently.  I guess it's just one of the pregnancy symptoms that people go through.  I'm just sad that my wedding ring doesn't fit on my finger anymore until later in the afternoon =(

8. What cravings do you have? - hMmm chocolate! Yummmmm

9. Have you been limited to do some stuff you regulary do because of ur pregnancy? - Shopping =(... Before I was pregnant I was able to shop for hours, but now that I'm pregnant and heavier I get tired even after 30 minutes of walking.  My legs start hurting so bad and I'm always short of breathe.
10.  Are you currently having morning sickness? -  Nope!  I actually had a very easy pregnancy!  I know so many people that suffered from morning sickness, but luckily I didn't.  At the wayyyy beginning of my pregnancy I felt nauseated only a few times when I smelled certain foods, but not to the extent where I had to throw up. 
11.  Are you insecure now because your "bigger"? - nope! feeling great and beautiful than ever!

12. How much weight have you gained so far since become pregnant? - So far I've gained 30 pounds (which is all belly!  I haven't gained any weight on my arms -_-... I did gain some weight on my legs tho).  I think by the time I give birth, I will gain a total of 33-35 pounds throughout my whole pregnancy.  Since I was so underweight before I was pregnant, I was told by my doctor to atleast gain 30 pounds.  He said that if you are over weight, a healthy pregnancy weight gain is 10-15 pounds... if you are normal/average 20-25 pounds... and if you are underweight 25-30 pounds. 

13.  Any products you use on your belly? - Throughout my whole pregnancy I used Bella B Tummy Cream.  Recently I ran out and since I only have 4 weeks left, I didn't want to order another one since it is pretty pricey ($20 ish).  I went to babiesrus and bought Palmer's products instead.  Every night after I get out of the shower, I put on the Palmer's Cocoa Butter Stretch Mark Lotion and the Palmer's Tummy Butter all over my belly.  The tummy butter is greasy, but it really helps with the itching.  The smell isn't that pleasent, but it does help a lot with the itching.  I have no stretch marks... not sure if it's because of genetics? My mom has no stretch marks either after giving birth to me and my little brother.  I was also told to NEVER itch your belly because that can cause stretch marks.

Here is the Bella B Tummy Honey Cream (I showed this in my Pregnancy Must Haves Video)

14.  Does the baby disturb you in your sleep a lot? - Oh yes... he is most active at night when I'm about to goto sleep.  When I'm trying to sleep on my side, I feel him moving, turning, etc... so it takes awhile for me to fall asleep.  It seems like he's saying, "MOMMY I'm not sleep! I want to play~ get up!!"  He also presses down on my bladder, so I have to constantly get up to use the restroom.

15. Have you dreamed about the baby? - I actually dream about the baby every night.. ever since I first found out I was pregnant.  I kept having dreams of this little boy running around and playing... that's how I had a feeling that we were having a boy hehehehe!

16.  Are there certain foods you were told not to eat or drink? I was told not to eat a lot of stuff.  You should avoid eating certain soft cheeses, certain fishes, coffee, alcohol, deli meat, raw fish like sushi, etc.  The doctor gave me a whole list of foods to avoid and watch out for (because of certain bacterias like listeria). 
17.  Do you plan on nursing or feeding forumla? - I'm planning on nursing, but I know couple of people that couldn't nurse even though they planned on doing it because their milk never came out.  Incase that does happen to me, we do have some backup forumla to feed him on his first week.

18.  Did the relationship between you and Aiden change? - YES, during the 8 years we were together, the past 8 months (after I got pregnant) have been the best!  We never ever fought... and always thinking happy thoughts.  He tries his best to support me emotionally too since he knows that if I'm sad, mad, or stressed out it's harmful to the baby. 

19.  Do u think the baby will look like u or Aiden? - hmmmm I think Aiden!  After we took the 4d ultrasound, he looks JUST like Aiden when he was a baby~~~ but we'll see! hehe

20.  Is there some kind of position that u have to sleep in? - As your belly gets bigger, you will be told to sleep on your side (best to sleep on the left side).  You could no longer sleep on your stomach or on your back.  If you sleep on your back, the baby can press down onto your organs and veins.

21.   Does ur culture have some kind of good diet after giving birth? - YES, Koreans have a myth that seaweed soup will help your milk to come out more if you are nursing.  Koreans usually eat seaweed soup after they give birth for a whole month or so.

21.  Did u have taemong 태몽? or did your or Aiden's mom have it before?  - Taemong is a dream that Koreans have about what gender the baby will be.  I had a taemong about having a son, and so did my & Aiden's parents.

22.  Did u take any special supplements to give extra nutrients for Yunwoo? - YUP!  I'm taking my centrum prenatal vitamins daily.  It's important that you take pregnatal vitamins so that your baby is getting all the nutrients that they need. I haven't even missed ONE day of not taking my vitamins throughout my entire pregnancy. Some vitamins might not work out for you.. and make you feel nauseated.  You will have to try different vitamins to see which one works best for you... or you can also ask your doctor to recommend you some.  I was told that prenatal vitamins makes you feel sick because of the iron intake.  At first I tried the One-A-Day prenatal vitamins and it made me feel sick... so I switched to Centrum (which I love!!!).  You have to also make sure to take the vitamin after you eat.. never with an empty stomach because you will feel sick >.<

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Current Fashion Trends In Korea ♥

 Here are some current fashion trends in South Korea~! Very cute & Stylish ^_^

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Yunwoo's Wall Deco Done~! ♥

It feels like just yesterday when we announced that I was pregnant.. and now I have 7 weeks left until he is here!  Time is going by soooo fast!  So Aiden finally decorated the wall around Yunwoo's crib!  He added some wall shelves and (the thing he was making on my previous video).  Hehe.  We also bought wooden letters that spell out A I D E N, but we haven't put that up yet because we still need to paint it.  I think we will put his name above the baby garland!  I will post a picture after we put up his name so you guys can see!  Our stroller is also going to arrive this Thursday... SUPER excited! YAY!!!  Anyways hope you guys enjoyed this short clip!  Love yall! ♥

PS) For those who don't know yet, I announced on my facebook and twitter about the live chat for Angel & Aiden Ep 4.  If you haven't entered yet, you still have until tomorrow! (more information can be found on my blog previous post!)