Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Meet Yunwoo! 3 weeks old

Hey everyone ♥ Yunwoo was born on September 26, 2012 (8.4 ibs).  BIG BABY!  He is already 3 weeks old and weighs almost 10 ibs!  It seems like so long since I've talked to you guys! Thank you for all the congrats messages! Yunwoo, Aiden, and I are doing great! I had to do an emergency c-section while I was 8cm dilated due to some complications.. so it is taking a long time to recover. I've been in bed rest for over a week and now I am slowly able to walk around and stuff! I will continue to film videos for you guys and upload Yunwoo vlogs as soon as I fully recover (since filming and editing takes a lot of time and work). ♥ Have a great day!!! MuaH~!

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