Thursday, August 11, 2011

Korea Top Selling Circle Lens

써클렌즈 Circle lens first started in Korea.  It makes the pupils of your eyes bigger/wider to make your eyes look bigger.  Currently, the Acuvue Define Daily contacts are very popular in Korea.  Korea TOP actress "Lee Min Jung" 이민정 is the model for these contact lenses.  All my friends from Korea wear these lenses.  There are three different styles, but I like the "Accent Style" one the best (black ring).  There is also the Natural Shine and the Vivid Style (brown ring).  The Accent Style one is the most popular and looks most natural.  They are daily disposable lenses that enhances and makes your eyes look bigger naturally (unlike the other HUGE circle lenses that looks fake).  It "features a unique and defined dark ring that enhances and darkens the iris (the coloured part of the eye) thereby making the eyes bigger, brighter and better defined."  The diameter of these circle lenses are about 14.2 mm.. which is a great size!  The circle lenses that are like size 15 mm are way toooo big and covers up almost all of the white part of the eye.  I also heard that it wasn't good to wear HUGE lenses because your eye is not getting enough oxygen so it can be very bad for your eyes.  I've been wearing freshlook colorblends for over ten years because I know that freshlook is a well known and safe contact brand worn all over the world.  Acuvue is also a highly well known brand, so I really trust this company!  I just ordered some online, which I will link the website below this post.  I will make a post as soon as it arrives and make a review on it for you guys (although I already know it is WONDERFUL because I've seen my friends wear it). 

Korea Top Actress "Lee Min Jung" 이민정

so natural

I heard the vivid style doesn't look as natural as the Accent Style <- JJANG! ^^


This website allows you to enter your prescription if you know it! Awesome!
They also sell other brands like freshlooks (my fav!) and Geo, etc

You can get a FREE trial of any of their lenses if you make an eye examination appointment



  1. It's great that these are daily! They are so popular that they are even sold in the uk opticians. Can't wait for you review ^^

    hehe btw you wrote 'I heard the vivid style doesn't look as natural as the Vivid Style ' :P

  2. oooh opps! thanks for letting me know! I'm going to fix it right now!

  3. have you ordered from them? are they reliable?

  4. I know a lot of people ordered from that site. I'm going to be ordering from them soon, so I will keeup you updated! =)

  5. thankss and i LOVE your youtube/blog! so cute...and im happy to hear you and your bf of 8 years(?) got married,,, cause i have been dating my hs bf for over 3 years now and people keep telling me stuff like that I will regret only going out with one guy my whole life but to see that your relationship worked out makes me happy C:

  6. thankss! ^___^ that's awesome...! My husband was my FIRST boyfriend too~~ and I don't regret it at all <3

  7. ..I'm going to get this next time.. ;o

  8. I'm so glad I found out about this website. I need to order more of my regular contacts and have been searching online for a little bit. I think I'm going to order from them and maybe try some circle lenses too! Thanks for blogging about it!

  9. thanks for the link for this shop! They ship even to Europe! I'm so happy q-q!! I'm looking forward to your review/youtube video^^ love them!!

  10. waaah cant wait for ur review <3 this site seems reliable ^.^

  11. i have heard that circle lenses damage the eyes. is that true, or is that only for the 15 mm one that's mentioned above?

  12. I think the ones that are 15mm and above can possibly damage the eyes because not enough oxygen is going through. I heard that acuvue is a good trusted brand. My friend wore these lenses mentioned in the post for about 5 years now and her eyes did not get any worse. I would wear big circle lenses like GEO etc occasionaly but not as an "everyday wear" contact lenses.

    1. do you wear them everyday?

  13. I have found my new favorite shop on Pininterest and when I buy lenses I always get free pairs (, really like it

  14. I've never tried tinted lenses before, but I know that its better than wearing circle lenses everyday! Are these considered "circle lens" or just a tinted lens? Do you wear them everyday? I'm worried about irritation..!

  15. Solution-Lens shop has "BUY 2 GET 1 FREE" and free shipping offer for Halloween, do you know any better discount ? Thank you.

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