Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Scars Scars Go Away!

Have you been suffering and stressed out because of unwanted scars on your body/face...  From accidents, acne, stretch marks, bites, etc?  I sure did...! Last summer, I was bit by chiggers..about 300 chigger bites while I was outside in the grass for an environmental class. 

Chiggers : "A tiny mite (genus Trombicula, family Trombiculidae) whose parasitic larvae live on or under the skin of warm-blooded animals, where they cause irritation and dermatitis"

I suffered so much with pain for 3 weeks.  There really is no cure or treatments for chigger bites, except over the counter medications to help the itching (I tried over 10 different products.. nothing helped).  There are few things I did at home that really helped me... I applied a clear coat of nail polish over each bite.  This suffocated the tiny mites.  I also took an oatbeal bath everyday.  I think this helped my pain the most.  Oatmeal baths are great for whenever you have skin irritations, dried skin, poison ivy, etc. 

(sorry this is kind of disgusting, but wanted you to see how bad my skin was)

The one thing that worried me the most about these chigger bites were the SCARS.  I heard that you get bad scars from these chigger bites if you itch it.  I tried so hard not to itch them, and even put bandaids all over my body so I wouldn't itch it while I was sleeping.  After 3 weeks of pain, the itching finally went away, but few scars were still remained.  I was horrified by how many scars I had on my legs and my feet.  It just looked like dark spots (dots) all over my body.  Finally I found a solution... Mederma Scar Gel.  My friends suggested me this medication because this is what they use for their acne scars, etc.  As soon as I heard that, I immediately went and purchased it. 

On the back of the medication it says, "should be evenly applied and gently rubbed into the scar 3-4 times a day for 8 weeks on NEW scars, and 3-4 times a day for 3-6 months on EXISTING scars. 

When I first applied it, I was expecting the scars to go away fast, which it didn't.  I stopped using it, thinking that it wouldn't work anyways.  As time went by, my scars were getting darker... and I was getting so stressed out... so I decided to try Mederma once more.  I followed the instructions and applied it for about 4 months... and now i'm SCAR FREE!  No scars are left on my legs/feet now...! =) This stuff really works!  It worked for acne scars for my friends!  I will know exactly what to use if I get an acne scar on my face.  Beauty = time & patience.  Be patient and you will have great results!


Here are some success stories that other people wrote STORIES




  1. oh my that looks so horrible :O Eeek, I get goosebump from looking at your picture. Im so glad that you healed from it & there isnt any scar left :D

  2. whoa i didn't know such thing existed :/
    LOL this is why i hate sitting on the grass, im so afraid of bugs ><
    im happy for you that all the scars are gone! unfortunately they dont sell this is the uk :(

  3. Anna : thanks! Yea.. i still get goosebumps when I look back at the pictures... this was the "least" disgusting one.. the other pictures are horrible

  4. Vain GIrl : i know.. after this happened, I'm soo scared of even walking on the grass now =(.. thank you! and I heard chiggers usually exist in Texas =)

  5. You can used Vitamin E delete the scars too, I have really sensitive body skin, I always have scars after waxing (burned), insert bites... I treat the scars by using vitamin E. And it works perfectly. It takes 4 weeks for new scars and about 3 months for old scars.
    Pros: Cheap, easy to uses (you should buy the pill one, 1 pill can be used 3-4 times), clear, can find everywhere.
    Cons: sticky
    I usually apply the vitamin E into the scar whenever I remember. The more you apply, the sooner scars get away!

  6. That's a lot like a gel called Hiruscar that I bought in Hong Kong! Even the description sounds like it!

  7. oh really? awesome!!? did it work great?! =)

  8. is so scary...please take care

  9. hehe thanks! it's ALL gone now! thank god!

  10. omg similar story goes for me >< I got injured on my feet and I have used this gel to help fading the scar and it seems work well for me too ^.^ yay!!!

  11. I ran across your blog while looking for a way to get rid of my chigger scars; thanks for the suggestion! I have one back for you, also. I got about thirty chigger bites on my feet a few weeks ago (which, by the way, is the WORST place to get them as your shoes basically scratch them for you), and I found a way to help with the itch a lot.

    The first thing you should do is basically scrub your bites with as hot of water as you can stand and soap. This is extremely painful; I did my fair share of screaming and (maybe) crying while this was going on. The sweet relief you receive afterward, though, will make it worth it. After you're done scrubbing your feet and rinsing them off, you can either pat them dry or scrub them dry with a towel...which ever will help you bring out your rage more. Haha

    After your feet are dry, take some Lanacane (available at any pharmacy, get the Maximum Strength Anti-Itch cream) and rub it all over the infected area, even the skin that's around the chigger bites. Just pretend you're putting lotion on. After you're done applying the Lanacane, wash off your hands.

    Get a cotton ball or a cotton circle or whatever you use, and then douse it in some Listerine (yes, the mouthwash). Take the cotton ball and then rub it all over the infected area. The result: sweet, sweet relief.

    I did this once in the morning and once before I went to bed, and I didn't have any problems with itching once I started this regiment. You can also use the Lanacane throughout the day if you have a bite that is bugging you...just put some directly on the bite and rub it in.

    So...if you have any bites in the future (God forbid), try and follow this. My itching was gone in three days, and you'll smell minty fresh.

  12. Awwwwwww, pooo :/ I'm glad you healed! well, I JUST bought Mederma for my acne scars today, I hope it works out :)

    1. Well did it work? I'm hesitant to buy it, but I have terrible acne scars D:
      Thanks for the reply!

  13. Where can I buy Mederma Scar Gel?

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