Sunday, September 18, 2011

Collective Haul : Beauty, Accessories, Circle Lens

Hey guys!  I decided to make my first "Collective Haul" video with things that I purchased from different places (Ulta, H&M, Forever 21, Sephora, Liliesshop).  This video is a collective haul video so it doesn't include JUST beauty products or JUST jewelry... it has a mix of everything! ( Beauty products, jewelry and accessories, Korean Circle Lens)  The circle lenses and lioele lipstick were sent to me from (sponser).  The circle lense was chosen by me and so was the lipstick.  They are things that I've been wanting to purchase and try for a long time.  My reviews are 100% honest!  I do not review on products that I dislike or hate (unless I mention it). Here are some more pictures and information on about HALF of the things mentioned in the video.  Watch the video for a full version of all the products of this haul!

I LOVE all of the accessories that I purchased from H&M!  They were not expensive and the quality is great!  The two ivory ones were $3.95 each and the dark brown one was $5.95.  They have all three of these in different colors.  The bracelets are SOO pretty!  I love wearing the two ivory ones together.. it looks really cute!  Since my wrist is so tiny, it is very hard for me to find bracelets that would actually fit me and won't fall out.  These fit perfectly on me!

LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE this! I should've bought the black one too!

Lioele Dollish Lipstick "Nudy Pink"

 This lipstick is so pretty! I LOVE the color!  It's kind of similar to my MAC - Creme Cup lipstick, but this one is alittle bit more pink and a lot more moisturizing.  My lips do not peel off and it stays on for hours!

NYX Lipgloss "Baby Rose"

Lately I've been obsessed with NYX products!  I can't believe I haven't tried NYX products until recently.  The price is GREAT and the quality is absolutely wonderful!  The eyeshadows and lipstick are highly pigmented as well.  This is the best low-end brand that I have ever tried!  This lipgloss doens't have a color to it.  It's sheer with shimmery pearls.  It's great to apply over any lipstick! *It smells good too!*

SWATCHES [NYX Baby Rose, Lioele Nudy Pink]

Bare Escentuals "Warmth"

All of you guys know how much I LOVE Bare Escentuals!  It's the only brand that doesn't break me out!  For the summer time, I like having a pale face with a baby pink blush look.  For the fall, I like wearing warm colors (Lips, eyes, face) like gold, brown, and bronze.  This product is great to use as a blush and to contour your face to define your features (below cheekbones and jaw line). 

Here is a swatch of it! Pretty right?

NEO Cosmo "Milkyway Gray"

Basic Curve = 8.60
Diameter = 14.2
Wear = 6-8 months

It's been almost 6 months since I last wore circle lenses.  I've been trying to look for a natural looking gray circle lenses to wear, which I found at!  I like how the size is not too small and not too big.  I look very scary and weird when I wear BIG ones that are 15 diameter.  I also heard that it wasn't good for your eyes if the lenses are TOO big since not enough oxygen is getting into your eyes. My hubby also likes these!  He said it makes me look like an anime character!

It comes with a contact case and the pink tool to get your contacts out! I've always used my nails/fingers to take out my contacts out of the container and a lot of the times it ripped.  LOVE THIS!

Here is how it looks in natural lighting (no flash)


Forever 21 (Jewelry)
H&M (Accessories)
Sephora (Bare Escentuals)
Ulta (NYX & Eylure Eyelashes)
LiliesShop (Lioele & Circle Lens)



  1. The Lioele lippie is so pretty!

    I have a similar but a darker shade to Warmth which is BareMinerals in Cashmere and I like using it to contour my nose and eyes ^_^

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