Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Years Giveaway for Twitter Followers! ♥

New Years is coming up, so I decided to do another small giveaway for my twitter followers! I use to make these phone cases, but I no longer do! Sorry!! For the giveaway, I will be giving away some cute deco parts so that you try decorating your own phone cases, mirrors, etc.  You can decorate anything with it!  The small rhinestones can be found at any craft stores.  The glue that I used to make these cases is e6000, which you can also find at many craft stores!  (The phone case above is not part of the giveaway.. just an example of what you can use the giveaway deco parts for)♥


1.  Cute Decoration Parts

2.  O HUI Samples (lotion & whitening) - highend Korean brand

3.  Card from Me & Aiden with our "New Years Resolution" written on it hehehe

START : 12/29/2011
ENDS : 1/11/2012 (11:59 pm)

+ USA & International

To enter this giveaway :

1. Follow me on twitter (since this is a giveaway for my twitter followers) FOLLOW

2. Tweet me that you have entered this giveaway

3. Subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel SUBSCRIBE

4. Fill out the form below

The winner will be announced on my twitter on January 12, 2011~!
Goodnight everyone!



  1. thanks for doing a giveaway!!!

    ur so cute, i'm sure u hear that a lot.

  2. Thanks for doing the giveaway ^_^

  3. This is the cutest thing ever! I hope I win^^

  4. Where'd u buy them though? Just asking cuz I want them even if I didnt get the giveaway >.<

  5. Hello, I read a blog post awhile ago about how stupid group giveaways are, and one of the comments defending them was saying they participate (with their blog) because it's an easy way to gain hundreds of followers on Facebook and Twitter, which makes it easier for them to pitch themselves to companies when they want to get free products and review stuff. No point in having interesting content if you can pay to get a bunch of followers. That's what all the girls doing the "blog advice" giveaway are like, too. They basically bought followers by giving away a bunch of Target gift cards and now they think they're popular because of numbers. thanks!

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