Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What I got for Christmas! ♥

Hey everyone!  Hope all of you guys had a GREAT time with your family and friends for Christmas!  Here are the things that I got for Christmas this year!

Aiden bought me a ski outfit for Christmas!!!  The white jacket is from North Face!  I think it looks really cute to even wear out in the cold (not just for skiing)!  I love the fur trim on the hat! hehehe  It's sooo warm~!  He also got me black ski pants, pink hoodie, and googles from a Korean shop! I can't wait until we go skiing!

I got this for myself for Christmas hehehe!  I bought the 15x color palette from MAC last month, but I needed a smaller palette incase I travel somewhere.  I don't want to carry my huge 15 color palette with me everywhere I go, because I will not be using all of those eyeshadows anyways.  Now I can carry the colors that I will need and will be using for sure!  It also fits into my makeup bag~! ($7.50)

Aiden bought me this from a Korean gift shop! It was $12.99.. pretty expensive for a tiny bag, but I had to buy it because it was sooo cute!  I've been searching for a makeup brush bag everywhere, but I couldn't find one that I really liked.  This bag has 2 seperate parts (2 zippers), so it's great to store your makeup brushes or even makeup whenever you are traveling!  I will use the left side to store my face makeup brushes, and the other side for my eye makeup brushes!

What did you guys get for Christmas? hehe ♥



  1. Omg...That bag is insanely cute >,,<
    Having fun skiing! Careful, last time I got a cold =,=

  2. AAaaahhhh! you look so pretty in the jacket! and the purse is adorable toooo !!! I think i'm going to get that mac palette case, its more convenient than the bigger ones hehehe :) and I've never ski-ed before haha, please take loads of pictures!! :D

  3. I really wanted to get a North Face coat for general use because it gets so cold! But it was too expensive... I love your coat though! I never buy white coats because I worry it will dirty easily but for your material, does it mean it's easy to clean? :)