Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Daily Contact Lenses ♥

Hey everyone!  A lot of people has been asking me about what contacts I wear for all of my videos.  The brown contacts that I wear daily is Freshlook Colorblends in Brown.  I have been wearing these contacts for over ten years now.  These are NOT cosmetic circle lenses... they are just regular colored contacts that are prescribed. 

I've been getting a lot of questions from people asking if colored contacts is harmful to your eyes and if it makes your eyes worse.  For me, I haven't had any problem with that.  I've been wearing these contacts EVERDAY for ten years and my prescribtion was always -2.75.  When i went to get my eye exam to renew my contact prescription last week, my eyes went from -2.75 to -3.00. It's the first time it changed since ten years ago! There can be many factors to this :  using the computer TOO much, watching too much tv, etc. 

These contacts are SOOO comfortable and doesn't dry out my eyes all day.  When I put on my contacts early in the morning, I never have to put in eye drops throughout the whole day.  My eye pupils are REALLLY small (smaller then average people -_-), so these contacts has a "circle lens" effect whenever i wear them.  The brown color really enhances my natural dark brown eye color naturally unlike those huge circle lenses.  LOVE IT!

I order my freshlook contacts through my optometrist/optical center.  I find that it's a lot more cheaper if you buy it through them.  I recently bought a box of freshlooks colorblends for $28.99!!! I've never bought a box of these contacts for this price~! I always paid atleast $36.00/box (LOVE my new doctor hehe).  Each box comes with 6 lenses (so 3 pairs).  These are MONTHLY contacts, so a box should last you about 3-4 months! You can order them online @ .  This is where walmart orders their freshlooks contacts, but if you buy it directly through this website it will cost more.  The last time I checked, a box of freshlook contacts was about $42.00?  You will also need a valid contact prescription to order them online (scan or fax it to them).  They will call your eye doctor to verify that your presciption is still valid. 

I've recently purchased some clear contacts from Acuvue.  I wear these when I'm just at home all day =).  These dry out my eyes after 7-8 hours of wearing them, so I have to put in contact solution in my eyes once a day.  Each box comes with 6 lenses as well (3 pairs).  Each pair can be worn for about 2 weeks.  I bought these from my optical center for $15.00/box. 



  1. hey there =) yup I agreed with you about the freshlook colorblend eye lenses....they're gorgeous and make the eyes so natural =) also they're not drying out my eyes which I found them very wonderful lenses =) smile from Malaysian =))

  2. I'm confused! are you saying that buying your contacts through 1800contacts was cheaper or through your doctor? :/
    I just get clear 6 months supply of contacts (6 pairs) and I think I pay $180?
    Also have you ever tried the Acuvue colored contacts?

    1. It is cheaper when you buy through the doctor. :)

  3. Hi Angel,
    thank you for your review! I bought them because I saw you wearing these! I have a question... normally I wear colourless monthly lense from air optix aqua. The freshlook colourblends are sooo "soft". My other monthly lenses are soft typs too but not that soft. Is that always so or only my frehslook colorblends x.x? I'm fearing that will broke soon^^"

  4. i had trouble with freshlook contacts, they dry out my eyes so much. i have to carry eye drops with me every where when i use them. But i love the color of contacts ^^

  5. Do the freshlook contacts dry out your eyes quickly or is it the Acuuve. I notice my contacts get so dry now that I have Acuuve. I was a loyal freshlook customer for years but my eye doctor said Acuuve was better. However, they have been a nightmare lol

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