Sunday, January 8, 2012

New York Haul ♥ Korean & Japanese Products

Hey everyone! I went shopping while Aiden and I were at New York & New Jersey last weekend! I bought some stuff from "The Face Shop" and "Mitsuwa" (a japanese supermarket in NJ). I didn't include the Japanese hair products that I bought from Mitsuwa because I will be doing a seperate review on them (LOVEEEEEEEE). hehe

Products Mentioned:

1. "The Face Shop" Eyeshadow YL703
2. "The Face Shop" Eyeshadow PP403
3. "The Face Shop" Eyeshadow PP404
4. "The Face Shop" Celestial Light Champagne Gold #3
5 "The Face Shop" Romantic Pink Blush
6. "The Face Shop" echo's eyelash SD
7. Dolly Wink eyelash case
8. Dolly Wink eyelashes #5 (lower lashes)
9. Japanese blotting sheets
10. Japanese bath cloth

+ 3 more days for my New Years Twitter Giveaway! (more info on blog)

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Happy Sunday! ♥

YAY I finally bought some Dolly Wink Eyelashes! I love these bottom lashes (#5).  It looks so natural!

Here is a swatch of "The Face Shop" Romantic Pink Blush ~ pretty! ♥



  1. great post! thanks for sharing the video :) i really love the face shop! i bought some products from them in nyc as well, but there are no korean brands in germany where i live :( dolly wink eyelashes are so great too!

    <3 rae

  2. Great post! I just discovered you from a Youtube video. Newest subscriber. Yay! :D

  3. Nice hauls!! lovely items you got there...especially the dolly wink lashes..!!They are just so so so so cute...aren't they? thanks for sharing..=)

  4. ooo I love the faceshop!! I also had a mini shopping spree while I visited the east coast. Great hall!! and the colors of the eye shadows are super pretty!

  5. isn't it just the best thing in the world to go on a beauty shopping spree! After pay day I always go nuts in the stores!

  6. omg, the boy who's in the bag made the Boys Over Flowers dorama. I luv him hahaha
    amazing post unni <3

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