Monday, July 22, 2013

Son Ye-Jin Inspired GEL Nails (Kdrama SHARK)

Son Ye-Jin Inspired GEL Nails (Kdrama SHARK)

Hey guys! Today my sister in law came over and wanted to do my nails, so I filmed her doing it! It's the Son Ye-Jin nails that she has on throughout the whole episodes of the korean drama "SHARK".  This deep french nail is extremely popular in Korea right now.  I love gel polishes because they are super long lasting, but a downside to that is it's really hard to take off! I will just leave it on my nails until it grows out lol.  My hands are constantly in water (washing bottles & doing dishes), so gel polishes are better for me since it won't chip off and very long lasting!


- base coat, top coat : (Red Carpet Manicure Set) -

- Salon edge uv lamp (amazon)

- COCO UV Color Gel #3618 (Ebay)

- Pearl Bows (ebay with keywords : nail, deco, art, bow, pearl)

- Scotch glue

- sedona lace small concealer brush (use a small, flat, thin, round edges one)



  1. Ooo, this is such a pretty manicure, Angel! I adore Shark, it's so interesting (But sometimes really creepy, haha)!

    Thank you for the video! ^__^

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  2. This is wayyy too pretty! Definitely going to try this! I like how it's practical and so cute for everday wear ^_^


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  4. Hi Angel, do you have any recommendations to make your nail polish last longer? Regardless of the brand, my nail polish lasts about four days using Seche Vite top coat and no base coat. Please provide feedback, thanks.