Thursday, July 25, 2013

How To Fix Eye Shadow Duo

How To Fix Eye Shadow Duo

Hey guys! One of my favorite duo eyeshadows cracked so I decided to film me fixing it! I used the common well known method that everyone uses (been around for years), but this one is slightly different since there are two shadow colors in one pan.  The single shadow colors are easier to fix since you can simply just pour the alcohol in the pan and mix it up until it's creamy.  Using alcohol is also safe since alcohol evaporates once it dries.  

Nail tutorial here (sis in law did it for me at home) -


- too faced "boy toy" duo shadow
- 70% alcohol
- medicine dropper
- mustaev small shadow brush
- hair pin

BTW I have been getting couple comments that this is originally from "Michelle".  This method has actually been around for years.  There are many youtube videos that were made on this method way before she even did it.  I needed to fix my duo shadow palette and searched on youtube how to do it, but only saw single shadow ones.  I learned how to fix the duo ones on my own so decided to film it.. and I'm sure it will be helpful for some people.   I know there are people who wants to see how duo palettes with more than one color can be fixed instead of just one single color, so that is why I filmed me doing it. =)
Anyways, have a great day everyone! MuAh!!!



  1. omg! I have that exact same too faced duo shadow! LOL. I will definitely try this if mine cracks one day too! D: Thanks so much for the video~

  2. never knew you could fix it, one of those people who would throw it out otherwise. glad to know this, thanks for sharing :)


  3. Thanks for the tips :)

  4. Thanks for usefull tips!

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