Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Braided Edgy Ponytail Tutorial 머리 이쁘게 묶는법

Braided Edgy Ponytail Tutorial 

Hey guys!! My cousin (freelance hairstylist) came to visit me so she agreed to film a tutorial for you guys! She is my 2nd cousin~ her brother married my cousin :). She did my hair for Yunwoo's dohl, and sooo many people requested for a tutorial.  Instead of doing a bun undo, she did an edgy ponytail instead so that it's more wearable!  She did the side fishtail braid exactly the same though from how she did it on Yunwoo's birthday party!  The updo one is great for special occasions!  Thank you so much Chonghee for doing my hair!  I would never be able to do this alone.  I watched the tutorial while editing it and it's still so difficult for me! I will practice practice practice~~! haha  Hopefully you or a friend can do this hair on you!  Enjoy ~~~ and more hair tutorials coming soon!! 

Here is a picture of the updo that Chonghee did for me! So pretty!