Tuesday, October 15, 2013

One Year Old ^_^

One Year Old ^_^

 I can't believe Yunwoo is already a year old!! For those that are not subscribed to our 2nd channel, he does walk now! Actually he runs too.... hahahaha =)  I'm so busy running after him all day hehe
He is such an energetic, happy, and smart boy!

I can't believe Christmas is only two months away! I'm already getting so excited! I want to put up my Christmas tree NOW!!.... but I will try my best to wait until after Thanksgiving! hehe ~!  Do you guys remember last Christmas we filmed our Happy Family Ep. 1 where we put up our Christmas tree?  Yunwoo was only three months old at that time and was sitting in his swing while Aiden and I did all the decorations.  This year he will be running around and helping us make the tree!  That will be our Happy Family Ep. 2 (coming soon!).  We haven't done a Happy Family episode for so long.. sorry guys!  For Ep. 3 how about we film Yunwoo going to meet Santa Clause?  I am so curious what his reaction will be! Most babies start screaming and crying!  

Anyways have to end my post here! I think I just heard Yunwoo? (probably just woke up from his nap)
Talk to you guys later! Have a great day everyone! <3

Love this picture! The "uh no you caught me mom!" face hahahahaha



  1. He's so lovely and adorable. I bet he will grow up become a handsome and smart boy.

  2. The 2nd picture <33 El guapo hehe =)

  3. He grows up sooo fast.. it feels like I just watched your pregnancy announcement yesterday. But now he's already 1 year old! Gby and your family Angel <3


  4. so cute!! makes me excited for my own in the future ^^