Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Almost Christmas!

D e c e m b e r 

Hey guys!!!!!  I hope all of you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!  It was also Aiden's 29th Birthday on Saturday!  I can't believe it is his last year in his 20's... EEK!  We are both getting new our 30's... feel so old =(  I did film a vlog of his birthday party, but he drank alittle bit too much.. so I didn't want to upload it!  His face turned super red because his friends made him drink all of his birthday shots!

Christmas is only 21 days away! Can you believe that!?  We went shopping on Black Friday and decided to take some pictures in front of the tree.  It has always been our tradition to take a picture in front of this tree at galleria mall.  This will be our 10th Christmas together.  I have the picture of us from every year in front of this tree (except for 2011 when we were in boston), but this year Yunwoo is in the picture too which makes it extra special!!  It's going to be awesome looking back at every Christmas picture now and see how much Yunwoo grows.  <3  I can't wait until he gets alitte older so we can go ice skating together!  By the way, his Naughty or nice black t-shirt is from Old Navy!  I think I got it for about $5? Isn't it super cute?

I don't think I've ever talked about this before, but I lost one of my best friend since elementary few years ago.  I know she is in heaven right now watching over her friends and family.  She was a great artist and drew this picture of me for my birthday a year before she past away.

Since the holidays are getting near, I kept thinking about her.. of the times we spent together the past few Christmas during our childhood years.  I must have been thinking about her a lot lately because she came out in my dreams last night too.  


okay changing subject!

I've been on a hunt for riding boots, but I was not able to find the style that I really like.  I am really picky with my boots!  My legs are really thin too, so it's hard finding a boot that is lean and tall.  Most of the boots that I found had wide calfs.  I saw this boot on HAUTELOOK today... and I instantly fell in love with this!  The regular price is $120 but it's on sale for $48.00! WOW!  

I'm having a hard time figuring out which color I should get!  I THINK I might get the dark brown ones?  What do you think? hehe

SHOP for this boots too! It will be available for only a few days!



  1. awww Yunwoo is getting cuter and cuter =) Too adorable when he smiles =)=)
    The boots are really nice!! I would also go for dark brown it's a really pretty color and it matches with everything =)

    Love you Unnie <3


  2. You have such a lovely family :) Yunwoo is so adorable ~ As for the boots, I'd go with brown :D

  3. Dark brown is a good choice. My eyes gravitated to the dark brown & it'll match with a lot more clothes.

  4. oh my god, your son is cutely adorable! you guys look so lovely together :) For the boots, go with brown!

  5. the 2nd picture is priceless. wish your little family a wonderful holiday season!

  6. Awww Angel unnie you're so blessed to have such a family :")
    Yunwoo is growing unbelievably fast!
    And for the boots i say go with the dark brown!

  7. I also have thin legs, and it is VERY hard for me to find boots that fit me at the calf area. I have been searching for YEARS for straight (not wrinkly) leather boots with no luck :( I was wondering how you found yours and how you knew they were going to fit you at the calves without trying them on..? Do you know any other brands that carry boots that are for people with thin calves?

  8. Angel!
    You should check out the Madewell Archive boots!
    They are great for skinny legs!

  9. Can you share the pictures from every year in front of the tree? I would love to see them all! =)
    You are such a beautiful family and I wish only happiness to your future. <3

    I would pick the dark brown boots!

  10. awww ...Yunwoo is so cute!! <3 beautiful family :D

  11. Such a cute family :)
    By the way have you uploaded photos of your photo booth props? I was searching for it but couldn't find it :(

    P.s Your photos are really amazing! I wonder what camera are you using though :)