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Monday, February 3, 2014

On a Walk

Hey guys!!! Hope everyone is having a great week so far!  I can't believe my little Yunwoo is almost 17 months old!  Texas has been very cold the past few weeks, but on this day it was high 70's!  Yunwoo gets soooo excited and happy when we walk/play outside~ haha

 Getting ready to have some fun! 

 "YAY I'm ready! Let's go!"

 Watch your step yunwoo! <3

엄마 손 꼭~~~ 잡고 ^^

 후더덕~~ 넘어졌네 ㅠㅠ he was running so fast and fell =(

 He got up in a second and started running again!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!! What did you guys do last weekend? =)


  1. aww lol so cute how he fell and got back up again. I know, the weather has been so sporadic. Yesterday was super cold too, I was freezing my butt off. Glad you guys enjoyed your day out as a family!

  2. These pictures will mean a lot to Yunwoo when he grows up~ ^__^

  3. Your pictures are always beautiful and harmony. Yunwoo grow so fast and his so handsome. :) :)

  4. 연우 너무 귀여워요!! The weather looks amazing there in Texas. Its been snowing a lot here in New York...I wish I could have that kind of weather here too

  5. Yunwoo you're so adorable!!! you are the best!! :D

  6. Oh my gosh! Your son is so cute! It looks like you guys had a great time outside! 70 degree weather! That's so awesome! It's super cold here in Chicago! Glad you guys had fun!