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Sunday, July 9, 2017


Our family went to Japan for the first time in May 2017!!!  The tickets cost about $170 / each since it's close to Japan.  I think if you purchase tickets way ahead, you can even fly there for $100!  The flight only took 1 hour 40 minutes.  We stayed in Osaka for 3 Nights and Kyoto for 2 Nights.  Japan is such a beautiful and CLEAN place...  ♥ We did have to walk A LOT during this trip, which can get hard when you are traveling with two kids... but we did have a great time made a lot of good memories there!  

Enjoy the pictures! =)

Here is the Airbnb home that we stayed at.  The owner was super friendly and kind.  Since this place is two stories, we thought it would be better for us to stay here rather than a hotel because it's a lot more spacious!


 Sunwoo and Yunwoo had such a great time at the aquarium!  It was a HUGEEEEE aquarium and also had a giant whale! 


After the aquarium, we grabbed a quick dinner (dongktasu again) lol...
We also ordered some shumai's to eat at the sauna.  I ordered the shrimp one, but they gave us the wrong one... man.. I really wanted to try the shrimp one =(

The outdoor spa was SOOO nice!  It did rain a lot while we were walking here =(....
We get a big room where you can change and wash up... and the spa is outside.  It looks pretty small, but Aiden and the boys were all able to fit inside!  There were bigger ones, but it was all sold out! I just started my period this day so I couldn't do it... booo~!!!

Great way to end the night <3 


PART 1 - Arriving, showing around Airbnb home

PART 2 - Kaiyukan Aquarium  Outdoor Spa

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