Thursday, July 6, 2017


I decided to start blogging again! It's been soooo long since I last updated my website!
Few days ago we got back from a 1 night 2 day trip to the beach! From our gimpo house, it took about 3 hours to get there. We went with our friend and his mom! We asked our mother in law to go, but she wanted to rest at home~ =( 

Our original plan was to just go here and stay at a pension (choong Chung) 춘청... but the water was sooooo brown and dirty because it rained a lot few days before we got there.  You will be able to see how BROWN the water was after I finish editing our vlog from this trip!  We just took few pictures here and decided to eat dinner near by and drive 1 hr 30 min more to a different place with a nice beach!

Here is the place we decided to eat at!  It's famous and well known ~ came on a lot of tv shows because it's SOOO good =)

When you enter, there are tents set up (also tables indoor)... but we decided to eat in the tent! The weather was really nice this day =) I did get 2 mosquito bites while we were eating tho =(

OMG The dak galbi taste soooo good~~~~ *drooooolll*... I want to go there again!!!
The neng myun was really good too!


(pictures taken from our hotel balcony!)

That night we finally arrived at Sukcho (석초).  The view here is AMAZING!!!!!  The resort was really nice and a water park was one minute away!!!


We arrived at the water park at 11:00 am!  It was not that crowded, has an indoor kid pool, and an outdoor adult and kid pool!  There was also big water slides for the adults!  I was scared to ride it, but Aiden rode it many times and vlogged it as well! =) (coming soon!). The tickets were pretty expensive, but at least Sunwoo got free entrance! (under 3 years old)

Yunwoo had so much fun at the water park, but Sunwoo was scared of the water again and refused to go inside.  He only stuck his feet inside the water!  I thought he would swim since he loved swimming in Cancun last year... but NO.... =(....


Our last stop was at GANGNEUNG 강능.  This place is known for the beautiful Hammock Beach 안목해변 and their restaurants/cafes.  From Sukcho it took about 40 minutes to get here.  We left the water park at 5:00 pm and RUSHED to the beach so we can get there before it gets too dark.  We ate soondae near by and quickly went to the beach! (RIGHT IN TIME TO WATCH THE SUNSET!)

Sunwoo REFUSED to go in the sand ... just like the time we went to Cancun!  Do you guys remember when he was so scared of the sand, but later he started playing in it?  He kept crying and refused to stick his feet in the sand this day, but when it got really dark and we had to go home... he decided he wanted to play in it!  At least he got to play with the sand for 15 min! =)

My friend and I stopped by a care near by called "BOSSA NOVA"...

Amazing view.... yummy desserts & coffee =)
If you guys ever visit Gangneung, make sure you guys stop by here!!


(last picture was taken at a different beach at Sukcho the night before) 

Ended this trip with fire works!! Yunwoo and Sunwoo had a lot of fun doing this!  
This trip was amazing!  I'm so glad we only live 3 hours away!  We will be back for sure!
Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures from our trip!!! 

Bye Bye!!! xoxo <3



  1. Wahhh didn't even know you had a blog until I saw your Instagram story! I love how Aiden has Naver and you have Blogspot heh. *instant follow* Can't wait for more posts!! And hopefully Sunwoo will enjoy the beach/water later ㅠㅠ

    1. hehehe I haven't updated my blog in over 2 years... I kind of forgot that I had a blog too lol