Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Current Works ♥

Hey everyone!  Hope all of you guys had a great 3 day weekend!  I spent the whole Memorial Day with my parents~ what did you guys do?  So this past weekend, I did makeup for another client's photoshoot.  I did two different looks on her and wanted to share my work with you guys!  The photos were taken by Aiden (for those who don't know, my hubby is a freelance photographer!). 

The first look is a special occasion smokey eyes makeup.  She wanted to look "sexy", so I used dark eyeshadows on her and a bronzer instead of a pink blush. 

This second look was a Boa inspired cat eye look from her music video "Copy & Paste".  I changed the makeup around alittle bit to suit her face... so it doesn't look exactly like Boa's makeup from the video.  I tried applying the long false lashes on her bottom lashline, but it looked really weird on her!  This makeup looked really great on her~ she really did look like a cat~~ MeOwwww hehe

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Current Korean Fashion Trends ♥

These are just some pictures that I found while surfing on the web!  I saw a lot of Korean girls dress like this in Korean dramas these days (like Sung Yuri).  I will start filming my fashion videos again as soon after I give birth! ^__^ Until then I will keep you guys updated on current fashion trends by posting pictures on my blog!


Monday, May 7, 2012

It's a Boy~! ♥

I had an ultrasound this afternoon.. and my doctor told us, "Congratulations~ it's a boy!". Aiden Yunwoo 연우 it is~!  I was already expecting a boy from all the baby boy dreams that I had, so I wasn't THAT surprised when the doctor told me!  On the way to the hospital I kept telling Aiden, "It's a boy.. I'm telling you it's a boy~!".  My parents and Aiden's parents also dreamed about a baby boy (태몽). 태몽 - dreams about having a boy. In the Korean culture, elders always say that the older kid should be a son (큰아들)... so both our parents were really happy!  The elders were also saying that since this is the year of the Black Dragon, it's good luck to have a boy this year~!  Aiden kind of wanted a daughter so we are hoping that our 2nd child will be a girl~!  He is still very happy and excited to see his little "mini-me" hehe.  During the ultrasound, baby Aiden was moving around and kicking sooo much!  He was having a party inside my belly!  He was also sucking his thumb.  I read somewhere that from week 17, the baby will start to suck his thumb. It was sooo cute to see him actually doing that!  I can't wait until I see baby Aiden.... 21 weeks left until I get to hold him in my arms ♥.   Thank you ALL for the congrats messages on my facebook & twitter~!  I will show baby Aiden all the comments from you guys when he gets older! Anyways, I decided to post one pic of baby Aiden taken today! He is a healthy BIG baby at 19 weeks and 2 days!

Look at his long arms and fingers! hehehe  ♥


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Honeymoon Pictures (Hawaii March 2011)

Hey everyone!  I was looking through all my old pictures and I found the folder with all of our honeymoon pictures in it.  I've posted only a few on my blog in the past... so I decided to share ALL of it with you guys!  I know it's been over a year since we took these pictures~ but it's still fun to look back and remember all the great memories we had in Hawaii!  I wanted to share it with yall! Enjoy~!!!! (THIS POST IS PHOTO HEAVY)

 Landed at Hawaii~ waiting for our baggage

 This place was delicious!

 Beautiful Scenery!

 Couple shot hehe ^^

 at the car rental~ we choose a white car!

 weather felt so nice this day~

 in front of Cheesecake Factory for dinner

Ahhh he grabbed my head hehe

 he poked me~ hehehe

 yummy~ at some Japanese Burger place

 Pretty palm trees on the side of the streets~ so pretty

 beautiful beach on the side of the highway hehehe

 we were hungry so we bought a hotdog from a hotdog stand in the middle of the road!

 JUMP! I believe I can fly~~ hehe

we were 10,023 feet high~! (mountain)

 Aiden doing the same pose as me hehe

 We got to watch the sunrise at 5:00 am from the top of the clouds~

There were so much clouds below us~ it was freezing!

My handsome hubby hehe

Looking at the menu to choose what to eat.. it was so hard! so many good things~

Ocean right outside the window hehe

 We watched fireworks from the patio of our hotel room~

Sunset~ beautiful

Aiden walking in the sand

AHhhhh I want to go back~!

Watching the sunset <3

The prettiest Bay I've EVER seen

always have my blotting sheets with me! hehe

view from our hotel room!

 Shopping time~~~!

People were breakdancin' outside.. it was awesome!

Starbucks menu had Korean & Japanese words on it!

We ate at a YUMMY Japanese Ramen place

Aiden eattin' away hehe

It was so good~! *Slurp*

oh yeah~ you like my hello kitty beach towel? hehe

Playing out on the beach~!

Aiden~ don't go out too far~ it's dangerous! =(

Sand felt so good!

hehe <3



happy happy joy joy~

so many people~!

@ a Japanese Breakfast house ~ yummy!

best shrimp truck in Hawaii~! It was soo good!

omg I was sooo obsessed with these!

our midnight snack at the hotel hehehe


everything was so perfect this day~!

Heart~ I love you

at the Hotel lobby



In the tour bus hehe

walking back

at the DOLE plantation hehe

Well.. that's all~! Hope you guys enjoyed it! hehe Have a great weekend!