Saturday, June 2, 2012

Yoona Inspired Braided Bangs

Tae Yeon has the same braided bangs too! ♥

Hey everyone!  I haven't done a hair tutorial for a veryyyyyyyy long time!  I saw a picture of Yoona on a website and thought it was sooo pretty so I decided to do a tutorial on it.  The girl in this video is my cousin-in-law.. isn't she pretty? ^^  She married my cousin last year and they just celebrated their one year wedding anniversary.  She is the same age as Aiden (28 years old)~!  Doesn't she look young for her age!?  She came over to our house this morning because I had to do makeup on her for a concert tonight.  She sings and plays the piano in a Christian praise group.  After I was done with her makeup I asked her, "HEY! Since you're here can you feature in my hair tutorial really quick?  It will only take 5 minutes!".  She was excited and agreed to film it!  Thanks unni~!  Anywayz.. I hope you guys enjoy this video! ♥



  1. braiding and picking out which strand to braid has always been confusing for me =[ ahh nice video though Angel!

    Laura x

  2. Will definitely try this hair style. Thanks Angel! <3

  3. Aw, such a cute hairstyle, and thanks for the tutorial!
    Just came across your blog btw, it's lovely. :)

  4. I love it ♥ !
    Thank you so much for the tutorial :)

  5. Super cute!!
    I'm gonna try it!!
    Love your tutorials ^^

  6. great tutorial, and your cousin in law is stunningly beautiful! Take care of your health

  7. Thank you for the tutorial! You make it look so easy but I have a feeling it'll be a lot more difficult for me to try :P

  8. I thought she's only 22!
    OMG baby face!

  9. Nice-ever since you posted the photo of Song Yuri a few posts back-I was also thinking about cutting my hair short but also very scared of not having the right face shape to be able to carry that look-sigh!

  10. Great tutorial, Angel! Your cousin-in-law made a perfect model because her hair is slightly highlighted so it made the braids very defined and easier to see(:
    Rawrs, Evey

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