Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Korean Natural Bun Tutorial

Korean Natural Bun Tutorial

Hey guys! I had so many request to do a tutorial on this bun!  I had this bun on some of the pictures that I uploaded on instagram and there were many people that wanted a tutorial.... so here you go!! This is a type of bun that many girls & actresses in Korea like (loose, messy, natural).  I noticed that in America, the tighter bun is more popular.  Girls in Korea like to wear their bun loosely with a lot of volume at the top and loose at the button.  I titled this video as a "Korean" bun since I saw that it's very popular and very common on girls in Korea (just how other people title their videos Korean Eyebrows, Korean Gradient Lips, etc).  Hope this video will be helpful for some of you guys! More hair tutorials coming soon!

(me at Boston~ really cute accessory shop)

Park Han Byul  박한별 & 래원!