Friday, December 20, 2013

Meeting Santa

Hey guys! Can you believe Christmas is only five days away??!
So yesterday we went to the Ice Palace at Willow Bend Mall!  The setup was beautiful!!!  Yunwoo had such a great time "until he met Santa"! haha!  We thought he wouldn't cry, but guess we were wrong! Maybe he will smile for the picture next year? hehe  We did film a vlog of this day yesterday and I uploaded it on my main channel titled "Happy Family 2".


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ice Storm

It's now December and the cold weather is finally here!  Dallas had an ice storm this past Friday!  It looks like snow, but NO.... was not soft at all and it was rock hard frozen outside.  The roads and lakes were all frozen.  It was like an ice rink everywhere!  All the schools were close Friday, Monday, and some today.  Aiden's work was off on Friday too.  The ice is now slowly starting to melt.. GOOD THING!  I've been stuck at home since friday.  Grocery stores were crazy because of this ice storm.  Since people were already expecting this storm from the weather forecast, everyone went to the store to buy eggs, milk, and food.  On Saturday, Aiden went to 4 different places to buy milk and eggs, but it was sold out EVERYWHERE.  Shipments were all canceled too so they couldn't stock up on anything.  Yunwoo had to go one day without his organic horizon milk =(.. I had to feed him his formula again.  Luckily H-mart had some shipments yesterday, so we were able to get some milk!  Did your place experience bad weather like this too???  Anyways... stay warm and don't get sick everyone! <3 

(photos taken by hubby)


NO MIRROR Makeup Challenge! 거울없이 메이크업하기 도전!

Hey guys!!!!! I finally decided to film the No Mirror Makeup Challenge!! Boy this was sooo hard, but I THINK I did a pretty good job? Maybe a B-? hahaha what do you guys think!?  What challenge would you like to see next? hehe ALSO I apologize for the camera focus noise in the background! I forgot the set it as manual! I promise I will fix it on my next video! Love Yall! =)

- Thanks for all the comments~ I am feeling A LOT better now... but I kinda got Aiden sick =( booo~ sick boy when his birthday is only 5 days away! Sorry baby!


- Shu Uemura Face Architect Illuminating Moisture Fluid Foundation #784 Fair Beige
- Lioele Autobrow Pencil (Gray)
- Loreal Iced Latte
- Urban Decay Naked 1
- Nars Deep Throat
- Etude House PPK002


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Almost Christmas!

D e c e m b e r 

Hey guys!!!!!  I hope all of you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!  It was also Aiden's 29th Birthday on Saturday!  I can't believe it is his last year in his 20's... EEK!  We are both getting new our 30's... feel so old =(  I did film a vlog of his birthday party, but he drank alittle bit too much.. so I didn't want to upload it!  His face turned super red because his friends made him drink all of his birthday shots!