Friday, September 12, 2014

Almost There

I can't believe Yunwoo will be a big brother in about 7 more weeks!  I hope he will be able to adjust to having a new member in the family quickly.  Yunwoo still wakes up at least one time during the night.  He is very sensitive to sound and wakes up if he hears anything.  I'm worried that he will constantly wake up from the newborn crying and waking up ever 2 hours.  Think we need to move to a three bedroom soon so that Aiden can sleep with Yunwoo for awhile while I sleep with the newborn.  Aiden is also sensitive to sound.. plus he has to wake up at 6:45am everyday for work.. so he needs to sleep well during the night.  The extra room we have is the play room (which is so crowded with so much things).. and also used as a baby studio on the weekends for Aiden's photography side job.  I think we might start looking into purchasing a house in the next year or two.

I'm so excited.. yet nervous about giving birth again!  Kind of scared having to go through c-section again & having to watch a newborn AND a toddler… =(  I kinda forgot what it was like to take care of a newborn.. I just remember it was really hard because I didn't get any sleep at night for the first 3-4 months because Yunwoo woke up every two hours, and breastfeeding was soo hard.  When Yunwoo was a newborn my milk supply was low so I was only able to breastfeed him for about three months, then switched over to formula.  Hopefully this time my milk supply will be higher.. and things will be easier since I've already went through everything before.  First time with anything is always hard! =(

In the month of October, I will probably upload a lot of baby related videos on my youtube.. hope you guys don't mind!  I will film a baby shower haul (gifts I will receive), what's in my hospital bag, maternity photo shoot vlog, etc.  I will not be able to film any videos in the month of November since I will be in bed resting a lot because of the surgery, so I will probably make pre-filmed videos for you guys so I can upload regularly in November too! =)  

Anyways… time for bed!  Decided to update my blog since it's been forever! Goodnight!



  1. Can't wait to see your new baby Angel! Keep being the strong mommy that you are for your babies and you will see through this too. I have never been a mother but I can only imagine what it is like hearing all of the stories from different women who are blessed with such a gift. I hope you are well taken care of afterwards and have a smooth delivery!

  2. you're strong unnie!! and i know Yunwoo will get used to all of it quickly :D
    stay healthy for your family! God Bless you and all of your family :D

  3. 연우 동생 빨리 보고싶네요 ㅎㅎ 언니 몸 조심하고 건강하고 문제없는 출산을 발합니다~! Good luck Angel!

  4. Can I ask you question about why did you want c-section and why not give a birth by normal way instead? I'm just wondering :)

    1. I had an emergency c-section =( there was complications (he wasn't getting enough oxygen).. and plus he was way too big for my tiny body (9 pound baby!)

  5. Hi Angel, Just wanted to share with you my experience because it sounds a lot like your situation. Hopefully it's a little helpful. My first son J is 22 months old and we just had our second son M a month ago. We coslept with J and he also wakes up 1-2 times a night. (he has yet to sleep through the night!) When we brought home M the first week or two was tough. Firstly, J was used to sleeping with me and never slept away from me and secondly, he woke up when the baby cried! But he eventually got used to the crying and now sleeps through the crying and hes used to sleeping with just appa now. I will be honest that his sleep isn't what it USED to be before M, but he was able to learn to sleep through the babies cry. (We live in a 2 bedroom townhome thats on the same floor - so we're in close quarters to one another) My husband sleeps with J in one room and I sleep in the other room with the baby. Also regarding breastfeeing. I had low milk supply with J too and wasnt able to nurse directly. I was worried it would be the same with the second. I learned a lot from the first and was much more proactive with the second one in establishing a supply. I took "more milk plus" immediately after giving birth and for the first two-three weeks i pumped after each nursing session (even if nothing came out) to help stimulate milk supply to increase. It's been 6 weeks since he's been born and breastfeeding is going well. Theres a lot of other tips I picked up alog the way that I'm more than happy to share with you if you're interested in hearing. I will say that breastfeeding IS harder the second time around because now I have a toddler to attend to as well. Nursing takes up SO much of your time in the first 2-3 months. He literally nursed like 1.5-2 hours around the clock and took 40-50 minutes to nurse. It's getting a little easier now, but it is a lot more difficult because a lot of times my first son has to just play by himself, I felt so guilty! I almost gave up breastfeeding because of this reason, but have stuck with it so far. It's supposed to get A LOT easier after 3 months or so. But its amazing not havign to wash any BOTTLES! Anyways, ultimately you need to do whats right for you and your family. Nothing wrong with formula!! It has been crazy with a second one added to the mix, but I'm glad that my boys will have each other and are closer in age. It's all worth it!! Congrats again on your second son! If you do want to know more of the tips i Learned about breastfeeding please let me know! I'm more than happy to share! Good luck! -April