Friday, December 30, 2011

What's in my travel makeup bag? ♥

I've always wanted to film this video, but never got the chance to because I haven't packed to go on a trip for awhile now!  Since Aiden and I are going to New York tomorrow morning to celebrate New Years Eve, I decided to film my "What's in my travel makeup bag?" video! Perfect timing right?! hehe!  Whenever I go on a trip, I take ALL of my skincare products with me.  I don't like to take a lot of makeup though, especially if I will not be using all of it.  I only take the things with me that I will be using for sure!  Most of the makeup that I am taking with me on this weekend trip is from my "New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial" since that is the look that I will be wearing on New Years Eve! 


1.  Bare Escentuals Warmth
2.  Bare Escentuals loose powder (Fair)
3.  Darkness Eyelashes
4.  MAC Blotting Powder
5.  "The Face Shop" Blotting Sheets
6.  Shiseido Eyelash Curler
7.  "The Face Shop" - BK904
8.  Lancome Hypnose Dolly Mascara
9.  Urban Decay Primer Potion (came with naked palette)
10.  Anna Sui mirror
11.  Estee Lauder softsmudge black Eye Pencil
12.  NARS London Eye Pencil
13.  Bobbi Brown concealer stick #25 warmsand
14.  MAC Blacktrack Fluidline Gel Eyeliner
15.  Estee Lauder "Rose Petal" Lipstick
16.  MAC Palette - tempting, satin taupe, cork, forgery


1.  Bare Escentuals Powder Brush
2.  Bare Escentuals Blush Brush
3.  Bobbi Brown eye smudge brush
4.  Sigma e55 shadow brush
5.  MAC 266 Small Angle brush
6.  Sigma e40 tapered blendinb brush
7.  MAC 212 Flat Definer brush
8.  Sephora all over shadow brush (small)

My friend gave me this Laneige makeup bag!  She got this for free with her skincare set! hehe LOVE IT!


 Happy New Year!~ 2012!!!!!!!! 


New Years Eve Makeup 2011 ♥

Hey everyone!  New Years Eve is in TWO days.. so I decided to do a makeup tutorial on the look that I will be wearing for my New Years Eve celebration in New York!  This look is a glittery golden eye makeup with berry red lips!  I think it's such a great look for the holidays and parties!!!!!!!!

Products Used :

1.  Urban Decay Primer Potion
2   Urban Decay Naked Palette - Half Baked
3.  The Face Shop - BK904
4.  MAC - Carbon
5.  Ameli - # 501 Champagne SHOP
6.  MAC - Blacktrack Fludline
7.  Lancome Hypnose Dolly Mascara
8.  Darkness Korean Eyelashes
9.  Bare Escentuals Powder in Fair
10.  Bobbi Brown Concealer Stick in warmsand
11.  Bare Escentuals Warmth
12.  Estee Lauder "Rose Petal" lipstick

I LOVE my Ameli eyeshadow!  I did a review on this eyeshadow couple months ago on my NYC Haul Video!  If you didn't watch it you can click here -->  WATCH

 LOVE this estee lauder lipstick - Rose Petal ♥

Here is a swatch of it!  Hehe


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Years Giveaway for Twitter Followers! ♥

New Years is coming up, so I decided to do another small giveaway for my twitter followers! I use to make these phone cases, but I no longer do! Sorry!! For the giveaway, I will be giving away some cute deco parts so that you try decorating your own phone cases, mirrors, etc.  You can decorate anything with it!  The small rhinestones can be found at any craft stores.  The glue that I used to make these cases is e6000, which you can also find at many craft stores!  (The phone case above is not part of the giveaway.. just an example of what you can use the giveaway deco parts for)♥


1.  Cute Decoration Parts

2.  O HUI Samples (lotion & whitening) - highend Korean brand

3.  Card from Me & Aiden with our "New Years Resolution" written on it hehehe

START : 12/29/2011
ENDS : 1/11/2012 (11:59 pm)

+ USA & International

To enter this giveaway :

1. Follow me on twitter (since this is a giveaway for my twitter followers) FOLLOW

2. Tweet me that you have entered this giveaway

3. Subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel SUBSCRIBE

4. Fill out the form below

The winner will be announced on my twitter on January 12, 2011~!
Goodnight everyone!


What I got for Christmas! ♥

Hey everyone!  Hope all of you guys had a GREAT time with your family and friends for Christmas!  Here are the things that I got for Christmas this year!

Aiden bought me a ski outfit for Christmas!!!  The white jacket is from North Face!  I think it looks really cute to even wear out in the cold (not just for skiing)!  I love the fur trim on the hat! hehehe  It's sooo warm~!  He also got me black ski pants, pink hoodie, and googles from a Korean shop! I can't wait until we go skiing!

I got this for myself for Christmas hehehe!  I bought the 15x color palette from MAC last month, but I needed a smaller palette incase I travel somewhere.  I don't want to carry my huge 15 color palette with me everywhere I go, because I will not be using all of those eyeshadows anyways.  Now I can carry the colors that I will need and will be using for sure!  It also fits into my makeup bag~! ($7.50)

Aiden bought me this from a Korean gift shop! It was $12.99.. pretty expensive for a tiny bag, but I had to buy it because it was sooo cute!  I've been searching for a makeup brush bag everywhere, but I couldn't find one that I really liked.  This bag has 2 seperate parts (2 zippers), so it's great to store your makeup brushes or even makeup whenever you are traveling!  I will use the left side to store my face makeup brushes, and the other side for my eye makeup brushes!

What did you guys get for Christmas? hehe ♥


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Holiday Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to :


Hope all of you guys had a WONDERFUL Christmas day.. I sure did! =)
I will be doing another giveaway soon! Goodnight everyone!!!


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Favorite Nail Polish for Winter & Holiday Giveaway ♥


I just uploaded my "Favorite Nail Polish Shades for Winter & Holiday Giveaway" video on my youtube channel!  In this video, I showed my top five favorite nail polish shades that I love to wear for the holidays/winter time.
 I LOVEEE Reds & Golds!

  (from left to right)

1.  SinfulColors #814 "Forget Now" (@ WALGREENS)
2.  Sinful Colors #921 "All About You" (@ WALGREENS)
3.  Pure Ice "All Nighter" SHOP ♥
4.  Peripera "GR309" Rose Nail Polish in Mod Green SHOP ♥
5.  SinfulColors #852 "Gogo Girl" (@ WALGREENS)



In this video, I wore my "GEO MAGIC BLACK" circle lenses from!  The brown freshlooks colorblend that I always wear ripped (it was my last pair).. so I just ordered some more online. I will be wearing these circle lenses until my freshlooks arrive! 

Overall : ★★★★★

meter : 14.0mm
Base curve : 8.6mm
Center thickness : 0.04mm
Water content : 38%
Lasts up to 1 year after opening

The size of these lenses are 14.0mm...which is a perfect size for my eyes.  I think lenses that are bigger than 14mm looks scary and too fake.  I'm not a HUGE fan of circle lenses... the only time I would wear it is for special occasions or for certain looks (like japanese gyaru, dolly makeup, etc) because they are not as comfortable as my freshlooks daily contacts that I've been wearing for over ten years.  I was very impressed with how comfortable these lenses are.  I wore it for amost 7 hours today and it did not dry out my eyes at all.  These contacts also have my prescription so I can so sooo clearly =).

"GEO MAGIC BLACK" is a black circle lens that makes your eyes look bigger.  It is slightly bigger than my pupils which makes it look very natural.  When Aiden came home today and saw me with these contacts on.. the first thing he said was, "You look different.  You look like that cute cat from Shrek!"  -_- lol Sooo I guess these contacts make me look like a cat? hehe 

 It comes with a contact case~! Love the pink! hehe




+ international
+ under 18 needs parent permission
+ one winner
+ can only enter once
+ winner will be selected randomly

START : December 22, 2011
ENDS : December 25, 2011 (10:00 pm)

The winner will be announced on my twitter & blog on Christmas @ 11:30 pm


Thank You! Happy Holidays!!!


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Frosty Winter Makeup ♥ 겨울 메이크업

I finally have a new makeup tutorial for you all!  Today's look is my "Frosty Winter Makeup" ... great for the holidays & parties! 

Products Used :

1. Bare Escenutals Powder in Fair
2. Bobbi Brown Concealer #25 warm sand
3. Urban Decay Primer Potion
4. NYX Baby Blue
5. BH Cosmetics Tropical Shimmer Palette
6. NYX Cottage Cheese
7. Enprani Shine Silver Eyeshadow
8. The Face Shop - BK904
9. Bobbi Brown - Snow
10. MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
11. MAC Carbon Eyeshadow
12. MAC Reflects Pearl
13. Lancome Hypnose Dolly Mascara
14. Bare Escentuals Beauty Blush
15. MAC Creme Cup Lipstick

On Me :

1.  Top = Forever 21
2.  Earrings = Forever 21

Follow Me ♥ TWITTER : @beautifymeeh


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Angel & Aiden ♥ Episode 1

FINALLY.. our first "Angel & Aiden" Episode!


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

November Favorites ♥ 11월 화장품 추천

Hey everyone! I'm sorry that I uploaded my November Favorites so late! I tried a lot of great products this month that I want to share with you guys!

(Rimmel Drop of Sherry, Rimmel Nostalgia, NYX Georgia, MAC Lovelorn, MAC Angel)

 Products Mentioned:

1.  Rimmel Glam'Eyes Quad Eye Shadow (016 Urban Flower)

2.  Rimmel Lipstick 022 Nostalgia

3.  Rimmel Lipstick 058 Drop of Sherry

4.  NYX Baby Blue Jumbo Eye Pencil

5.  MAC Angel Lipstick

6.  MAC LOVELORN Lipstick

7.  Carmex Chapstick (Cherry)

8.  EOS Hand Lotion (green-cucumber)

9.  Lancome Hypnose Dolly Lashes


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How To Wear A Scarf ♥ 스카프 예쁘게 매는법

I've been getting a lot of requests to do a tutorial on how I wear my scarves.  I remembered that I filmed this video couple months ago, but deleted it because it was during the summer time.  I planned on reuploading it later when the weather gets colder, but I totally forgot about it until now! I'm glad I still had this video file saved in my computer!  Hope you guys enjoy! Stay Warm!  I think our first "Angel & Aiden" Episode will be filmed tomorrow!! hehehe

♥♥♥♥ 18 Days Left Until Christmas~!!! ♥♥♥♥

Scarves in this video:

1.  Zara Black Infinity Scarf
2.  Nordstrom Gray Scarf
3.  Forever 21 Square Scarf
4.  Zara (tan/brown scarf)


Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Makeup Collection & Organization 2011 ♥

This was a highly requested video from my subscribers! ♥  Here is my current makeup collection and how I organize all of my makeup!  I bought my vanity table (laptop table) and chair from IKEA!  


Table & Chair -


The tall standing lamp is from Target -

Makeup Brushes - Mac, Bobbi Brown, Sigma

Wooden Box - Michaels

Plastic Storage - Walmart

Mirror - IKEA

Hope all of you guys have a GREAT weekend!

22 Days Until Christmas


Thursday, December 1, 2011

How To Depot MAC Eyeshadows

Make sure you save the cases!!!!!!

BACK-TO-MAC :  for any 6 MAC cases... get a free lipstick/eyeshadow/lipgloss