Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Meet Yunwoo! 3 weeks old

Hey everyone ♥ Yunwoo was born on September 26, 2012 (8.4 ibs).  BIG BABY!  He is already 3 weeks old and weighs almost 10 ibs!  It seems like so long since I've talked to you guys! Thank you for all the congrats messages! Yunwoo, Aiden, and I are doing great! I had to do an emergency c-section while I was 8cm dilated due to some complications.. so it is taking a long time to recover. I've been in bed rest for over a week and now I am slowly able to walk around and stuff! I will continue to film videos for you guys and upload Yunwoo vlogs as soon as I fully recover (since filming and editing takes a lot of time and work). ♥ Have a great day!!! MuaH~!

Visit Yunwoo's Blog ^_^


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Current Fashion Trends In Korea ♥

 Here are some current fashion trends in South Korea~! Very cute & Stylish ^_^


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Yunwoo's Wall Deco Done~! ♥

It feels like just yesterday when we announced that I was pregnant.. and now I have 7 weeks left until he is here!  Time is going by soooo fast!  So Aiden finally decorated the wall around Yunwoo's crib!  He added some wall shelves and (the thing he was making on my previous video).  Hehe.  We also bought wooden letters that spell out A I D E N, but we haven't put that up yet because we still need to paint it.  I think we will put his name above the baby garland!  I will post a picture after we put up his name so you guys can see!  Our stroller is also going to arrive this Thursday... SUPER excited! YAY!!!  Anyways hope you guys enjoyed this short clip!  Love yall! ♥

PS) For those who don't know yet, I announced on my facebook and twitter about the live chat for Angel & Aiden Ep 4.  If you haven't entered yet, you still have until tomorrow! (more information can be found on my blog previous post!)


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Yunwoo 4d Ultrasound & VLOG ♥

I just got back from getting my 4d ultrasound done!  A lot of people asked me to upload pictures of little Yunwoo~ so I decided to make a powerpoint with some photos that were taken today!  I think he looks a lot like his daddy~ what do you guys think!?  He was also being SOOO shy.. kept covering his face with his hands.  The doctor finally got him to show his face towards the end of my ultrasound session hehe.  He is now 31 weeks... so 9 weeks left to go!!!!!

We decided to film another vlog for you guys today!  Aiden and I went to "OMI" for lunch~~~~ it was soooo good!!!!!!  If you happen to visit Texas someday, make sure you eat at OMI~!  My favorite is Bibimbab~!


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Yoona Inspired Braided Bangs

Tae Yeon has the same braided bangs too! ♥

Hey everyone!  I haven't done a hair tutorial for a veryyyyyyyy long time!  I saw a picture of Yoona on a website and thought it was sooo pretty so I decided to do a tutorial on it.  The girl in this video is my cousin-in-law.. isn't she pretty? ^^  She married my cousin last year and they just celebrated their one year wedding anniversary.  She is the same age as Aiden (28 years old)~!  Doesn't she look young for her age!?  She came over to our house this morning because I had to do makeup on her for a concert tonight.  She sings and plays the piano in a Christian praise group.  After I was done with her makeup I asked her, "HEY! Since you're here can you feature in my hair tutorial really quick?  It will only take 5 minutes!".  She was excited and agreed to film it!  Thanks unni~!  Anywayz.. I hope you guys enjoy this video! ♥


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Current Works ♥

Hey everyone!  Hope all of you guys had a great 3 day weekend!  I spent the whole Memorial Day with my parents~ what did you guys do?  So this past weekend, I did makeup for another client's photoshoot.  I did two different looks on her and wanted to share my work with you guys!  The photos were taken by Aiden (for those who don't know, my hubby is a freelance photographer!). 

The first look is a special occasion smokey eyes makeup.  She wanted to look "sexy", so I used dark eyeshadows on her and a bronzer instead of a pink blush. 

This second look was a Boa inspired cat eye look from her music video "Copy & Paste".  I changed the makeup around alittle bit to suit her face... so it doesn't look exactly like Boa's makeup from the video.  I tried applying the long false lashes on her bottom lashline, but it looked really weird on her!  This makeup looked really great on her~ she really did look like a cat~~ MeOwwww hehe

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Current Korean Fashion Trends ♥

These are just some pictures that I found while surfing on the web!  I saw a lot of Korean girls dress like this in Korean dramas these days (like Sung Yuri).  I will start filming my fashion videos again as soon after I give birth! ^__^ Until then I will keep you guys updated on current fashion trends by posting pictures on my blog!


Monday, May 7, 2012

It's a Boy~! ♥

I had an ultrasound this afternoon.. and my doctor told us, "Congratulations~ it's a boy!". Aiden Yunwoo 연우 it is~!  I was already expecting a boy from all the baby boy dreams that I had, so I wasn't THAT surprised when the doctor told me!  On the way to the hospital I kept telling Aiden, "It's a boy.. I'm telling you it's a boy~!".  My parents and Aiden's parents also dreamed about a baby boy (태몽). 태몽 - dreams about having a boy. In the Korean culture, elders always say that the older kid should be a son (큰아들)... so both our parents were really happy!  The elders were also saying that since this is the year of the Black Dragon, it's good luck to have a boy this year~!  Aiden kind of wanted a daughter so we are hoping that our 2nd child will be a girl~!  He is still very happy and excited to see his little "mini-me" hehe.  During the ultrasound, baby Aiden was moving around and kicking sooo much!  He was having a party inside my belly!  He was also sucking his thumb.  I read somewhere that from week 17, the baby will start to suck his thumb. It was sooo cute to see him actually doing that!  I can't wait until I see baby Aiden.... 21 weeks left until I get to hold him in my arms ♥.   Thank you ALL for the congrats messages on my facebook & twitter~!  I will show baby Aiden all the comments from you guys when he gets older! Anyways, I decided to post one pic of baby Aiden taken today! He is a healthy BIG baby at 19 weeks and 2 days!

Look at his long arms and fingers! hehehe  ♥


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Honeymoon Pictures (Hawaii March 2011)

Hey everyone!  I was looking through all my old pictures and I found the folder with all of our honeymoon pictures in it.  I've posted only a few on my blog in the past... so I decided to share ALL of it with you guys!  I know it's been over a year since we took these pictures~ but it's still fun to look back and remember all the great memories we had in Hawaii!  I wanted to share it with yall! Enjoy~!!!! (THIS POST IS PHOTO HEAVY)

 Landed at Hawaii~ waiting for our baggage

 This place was delicious!

 Beautiful Scenery!

 Couple shot hehe ^^

 at the car rental~ we choose a white car!

 weather felt so nice this day~

 in front of Cheesecake Factory for dinner

Ahhh he grabbed my head hehe

 he poked me~ hehehe

 yummy~ at some Japanese Burger place

 Pretty palm trees on the side of the streets~ so pretty

 beautiful beach on the side of the highway hehehe

 we were hungry so we bought a hotdog from a hotdog stand in the middle of the road!

 JUMP! I believe I can fly~~ hehe

we were 10,023 feet high~! (mountain)

 Aiden doing the same pose as me hehe

 We got to watch the sunrise at 5:00 am from the top of the clouds~

There were so much clouds below us~ it was freezing!

My handsome hubby hehe

Looking at the menu to choose what to eat.. it was so hard! so many good things~

Ocean right outside the window hehe

 We watched fireworks from the patio of our hotel room~

Sunset~ beautiful

Aiden walking in the sand

AHhhhh I want to go back~!

Watching the sunset <3

The prettiest Bay I've EVER seen

always have my blotting sheets with me! hehe

view from our hotel room!

 Shopping time~~~!

People were breakdancin' outside.. it was awesome!

Starbucks menu had Korean & Japanese words on it!

We ate at a YUMMY Japanese Ramen place

Aiden eattin' away hehe

It was so good~! *Slurp*

oh yeah~ you like my hello kitty beach towel? hehe

Playing out on the beach~!

Aiden~ don't go out too far~ it's dangerous! =(

Sand felt so good!

hehe <3



happy happy joy joy~

so many people~!

@ a Japanese Breakfast house ~ yummy!

best shrimp truck in Hawaii~! It was soo good!

omg I was sooo obsessed with these!

our midnight snack at the hotel hehehe


everything was so perfect this day~!

Heart~ I love you

at the Hotel lobby



In the tour bus hehe

walking back

at the DOLE plantation hehe

Well.. that's all~! Hope you guys enjoyed it! hehe Have a great weekend!